Scanning on a burner?

Hi all, i read something about Plextor drives have scanning capabilities?
what does that mean? don’t you need a scanner to scan? :confused:

Hi velocci, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

When we refer to scanning capabilities of an optical drive, what we mean is that is supports reporting low-level errors before error correction, which makes it possible to judge the readability of a CD or DVD in more detail than just testing whether it succeeds or fails.

This is also known as Disc Quality Scanning.

Some drives like e.g. true Plextor drives has this capability when using the right software.

It has nothing to do with the image scanning you can perform in an image scanner.

For more information about disc quality scanning, have a look at these threads:

Interpreting PI/PO error scans (applies to DVD media)

Interpreting C1/C2 error scans (applies to CD media)

There’s also a FAQ entry about PlexTools Professional, the most used application for disc quality scanning on Plextor drives.

hi thanks for the reply. But i dont’ think i really need this feature. All I want to do is burn data to a DVD or burn movie images onto a DVD. and also ripping a movie onto my HDD. things like that.

You don’t need this feature. It’s only needed by those of us wanting to know the [I]quality[/I] of our discs.