Scanning issue with Lite-On iHAS422

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On 22x DVD Writer SATA w/ SmartErase Technology. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Howdy,

Two months ago I installed a LITEON iHAS422 on my VIsta64 box. Everything was running smoothly until about 2 weeks ago.
Lately, whenever I try to scan a DVD-R in CD-Speed or Disc-Speed the scan speed is no faster than 2x and fails half way during every scan.
This even occurs with discs that I burned months ago with an older Samsung SH-203B burner.
Discs also fail when scanning with Cataloging software ‘WhereIsIt?’
I am able to burn discs and scan pressed CDs with Exact Audio Copy with no problems.

I’ve updated the firmware of the iHAS422 to 4L16, which didn’t resolve the issue.

I should mention that over the last month I have scanned 400 DVD-Rs while entering their contents into my WhereIsIt Catalog and scanned 300 pressed CDs with Exact Audio Copy for use with my new Digital Audio Player.

I’d appreciate any assistance that could be provided!



Is anyone able to assist me with this issue?
My gut feeling is that I killed the drive by scanning 700 discs within a 1 month period.

Since burners are so inexpensive these days, should I order a replacement?

Thanks again!


Sure! I will. I absolutely don’t believe that the drive is killed by the 700 scans. I may be the only one here, but I have never seen a drive that was broken. Everything’s possible of course but I don’t believe it.

Maybe something keeps the drive at 2x read speed. DO THE FOLLOWING ON YOUR OWN RISK: ONLY if you don’t run any other Nero/Nero related software than DiscSpeed: Have you tried to delete the “Nero” key under “HKEY_CURRENT_USER”>“Software” in the registry??

Did you check the following path?

It should look like below and should NOT contain any other entries, like “upperfilters” “lowerfilters” or “pxhelp”, AS LONG AS the special tools you mentioned made such entries here and need them. SO DON’T DELETE ANYTHING THIS TIME! Post back first and we’ll try to sort out what belongs to what app. So this is how it looks like when it’s clean:

(Standard)=DVD/CD-ROM drives

Thanks for the advice anikk, the only Nero products I use are Disc Speed and CD-DVD Speed. I will give your tips a try when I get home from work.

I hope to be able to resurrect my iHAS422, it is such a nice drive.


Thanks for the advice anikk, the only Nero products I use are Disc Speed and CD-DVD Speed. I will give your tips a try when I get home from work.

I should also mention that the only DVDR burning program I use is IMGBurn.

I hope to be able to resurrect my iHAS422, it is such a nice drive.

Thank you once again!


Great! [B]Just please read my post above again, because I edited a lot up there and you won’t be a victim of a faulty advice![/B] :o

Yeah it’s a great drive, I know. :slight_smile:

I forgot to ask: Does it actually do normal data read at full speed via Windows explorer etc.??

Thanks again!

I am able to fully explore data DVDRs in Windows Explorer at full speed.
Only when scanning with Disc Speed and WhereIsIt is the disc reading slow.



I’ve tried all of your advice and so far no positive results to report.
Also, when I try to explore the DVDR using Windows Explorer, I click the drive and the tray opens up and I am prompted to enter a disc.

I am stumped.


Oh, this means general read-problems as well. Lens cleaning! If you like to, you can do the following (this is how I described the way I do it to another member ages ago):

Open the drive very carefully. Clean the lens with newly bought isopropanol 100% on a Q-Tip from a new package. Never push the lens down or to the side with any pressure at all! Just let the wet - but not too wet! - Q-Tip slighltly go over the glas. The isopropanol 100% will do its work. Repeat the process one or two times, since without pressure the isopropanol 100% has to do all the cleaning work with it’s cleaning power alone. Then close the drive very carefully.

You can get isopropanol 100% in the drugstore/pharmacy. Tell them that it has to be 100%! Oh, and don’t be confused, when they tell you that it’s 99.7% only. This is only because it’s impossible to make 100.0%.

Thats it. Following these steps closely will give you 100% safe and effective cleaning plus big money saving by costing around $2 (new Q-Tips + very small bottle of isopropanol 100%).

It’s a SATA drive, so bad cabling is not the problem here I guess. But it doesn’t hurt either to plug the SATA cable in firmly on both ends after lens cleaning. You can also try to swap the SATA cable to another one. But that won’t help I guess. The lens cleaning is what makes me confident. The guiding track of the laser-pickup can also be cleaned from grease and dust with isopropanol 100% but you then HAVE TO reapply special grease like that. And I don’t know where to buy some of that high quality and one that is used for laser-pickup guiding tracks of ODDs in general.

If someone knows that, please help. Thanks!


Thanks for the tips. I am hesitant to open the drive up for a lens cleaning (I’m a bit of a clutz).
I should mention that all of the CDs I have ripped with EAC recently have been error free. On top of that some of the CDs I have ripped had not been played in over a decade, and have accumulated dust over the years. Perhaps,
I may have damaged the drive by not properly cleaning all of my older discs before EAC’ing them. :doh:

It might be less of a hassle to order a new drive or to RMA the iHAS422.
Thanks again Anikk :clap:


Yes, I understand that very well. I’m the same type. I worry too. :iagree:

And sure, no problem! You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I want to follow up on this thread with some disappointing information.

This evening I installed a Sony Optiarc 7240S drive and unfortunately, I am having the same problem that I had with the iHAS422.

This leads me to believe that I am either having a software conflict or that my media is faulty.

I am using TYG02 Valueline media purchased from Shop4Tech in February of 2009. I’ve heard all of the recent news regarding Taiyo Yuden’s switch to Chinese Production. Could the recent batch of TY media cause such major problems with my system?

As mentioned earlier, I am able to, scan pressed CDs, as well as burn DVD-R and CD-R discs with no problems.

I’d appreciate any assistance that could be provided.

Thank you,


That’s sad. And strange too. OK, I went through the whole thread again to regather all the info. You said that you can explore the DVD-Rs via Windows Exporer at full speed. But what happens when you mark [U]all[/U] folders and [U]all[/U] files at once and paste them to the hard drive? Is the reading process full speed or 2x and does the reading process complete or fail?


Thanks again for your help.
I have positive news to report.

I’ve discovered the reason why my new Optiarc burner was having trouble scanning the recent discs that I burned with iHAS422. It seems that the final 10-15 discs that I burned with the iHAS422 were bad burns.

I’ve burned several discs with my new Optiarc 7240 over the last few hours and they scanned with Disc Speed with no problems. :slight_smile:

Most of the freshly burned discs scanned between 96-98 on the Optiarc 7240. Though one scanned at 90 for some reason.

It seems that the iHAS422 was faulty all along. I’ll be removing it from my system soon and plan to buy another drive specifically for scanning in the near future. Do you have any recommendations?

Thanks again for your help anikk!


Great! :clap:

I hope you can rescue every bit from those 15 bad ones. I hope you still have untouched copies on some hard drives of the content by accident. If so here is a life saving must have tool to make single bit for single bit comparisons: LINK. With that you can at least learn and know for sure if there are uncorrectable and therefore wrong bits on those discs which you would have re-burned to new discs or not. Hopefully there aren’t uncorreactables. Try to read out every disc as long as you get exact matches with eventually existing originals. This reassures that the eventually existing originals on the hard drives are still untouched. Then you would have no damage at all from the bad media if you make new ones from the originals on the hard drive. I had such an accident as well a few years ago. My only rescue was just that. That I still had the originals on the HDD by accident and finally after many tries I could get exactly the same bits out of the the ODD loaded with the bad discs. It was five minutes to twelve.

The recommendation:

Well, there are two realities in my personal quality scanning universe. The one which is in accordance with cdf results and tradition and my own which is not accepted at all here at cdf.

I don’t want to send you on a risky road which may cause you trouble with poor capabilities of monitoring degration and as a result data loss. So I recommend any LITEON iHAS drive. That is the general recommendation here at cdf as well. Note: You will need to for example read THESE POSTS to be able to do jitter scan as well with the iHAS drives.

Personally I - now comes the risky road I talked about - only scan with Optiarc drives! With the 4570A, the 7200S and the 7240S to be more precise. I totally swim against the general opinion with that, but they are absolute and totally reliable and very sharp DVD scanners when set to x1 speed :bow:. I even prefer them for scanning. The PIE results are higher. But in my personaly opinion this is because (a) compared to the LITEONs the Optiarcs are a little loose when it comes to reading and the PIEs rise as a result and (b) the LITEONs can only scan at 1ECC mode which naturally lowers the PIE results when compared to an 8ECC PIE scan. Which, and that’s another reason for me to use only Optiarcs as scanners, the Optiarcs are able to. The Optiarcs can be set to 1ECC and 8ECC scanning modes! This means they are some of the few drives that can show what the official specs define as limits: A max. of 280 PIEs per 8 blocks and a max. of 4 PIFs per 1 block :iagree:. But there is a huge negative side as well: No jitter scan!

Thanks again anikk,

I’d rather stay away from Liteon drives. However, if they are the hands down best scanner’s around, I may give them another shot. Are there any other brands out there that produce good scanning drives?



No problem! :slight_smile:

No. Unfortunatley not. There was a short time around the peak of the 18x era when the Samsungs were considered reliable by many here at cdf. But afaik that’s gone. And even those few reliable ones: I would always recommend a LITEON if it has to be a MEDIATEK chipset! I absolutely recommend a LITEON iHAS drive for scanning. Please don’t be confused by my eventually risky Optiarc scanning tradition. I would never recommend that to others! Buy any iHAS for scanning. You can’t do anything wrong, if you have your 7240S now as a fantastic burner. I have an iHAS120 here in the house for example. It’s a great burner and more importantly a fantastic scanner of course.

You can try to get great scannig drives that are out of production a long time now as well of course. The PLEXTOR PX755-SA and PX-760SA drives for example. There are still factory sealed ones still out there afaik. The old BenQs with PHILIPS chipsets are another possibility. They are considered reliable by many many here at cdf. But on the other hand many say that they are not and - from that era - prefer the PLEXTORS, the old LITEONs made in that era, and the old NECs made in that era (unlike the modern ones those were considered reliable by anybody here at cdf not just by me). In my personal opinion from that era there’s only one real drive for everything including scanning: PLEXTOR. The PX-716SA, -755SA and -760SA drives to be more precise.

But the price for factory sealed out of production drives is higher than for the iHAS. And as said, I have never ever seen an ODD drive that failed by broken laser or primary mechanics in my entire life. That includes many LITEONs. The iHAS drives have a great price and are fantastic scanners.

Thanks again anikk!

If Liteon’s are the only reliable modern scanning drives around, I could RMA the iHAS422 and use the replacement for scanning. It would be a few dollars less than buying a new drive. I simply have to decide if the RMA is worth the hassle.


PS: I mentioned 280PIEs per 8 ECCs and 4 PIFs per 1 ECC as the defined limits. Never keep any burns with such scan results! My personal limits are max. of 16 PIEs. per 8 ECCs and max. of 1 PIF per 1 ECC with a few (let’s say two to four) isolated maximums of 2 PIFs per 1 ECC if they don’t concentrate at one place.

No problem! :slight_smile:

RMA: Yes they are the only modern ones. And yes, of course you can decide between RMAing it or buying a nice factory sealed one. Personally I would decide for an iHAS drive and not some old era ones, since they are native SATA drives. The PLEXTORs aren’t. They have a PATA-SATA bridge-chip.