Scanning Dvd`s

When scanning a dvd for errors, using Nero more often than not errors are detected on the dvd if I use the Nec 3500.

If I scan the same disc using my liteon dvd rom drive the discs have a much higher success rate, why is this, have the discs got errors or not? :confused:

Thanks for any info

Two totally different drives, and one of them is a DVD-ROm, not good for quality scanning results you even want to compare…

So the liteon is NOT good for scanning the completed dvd, I should always use the Nec dvd writer?..

A LiteOn writer gives better results than a DVD-ROM.

A NEC 3500 can’t scan.

Not supported by firmware.

What do you mean by “When scanning a dvd for errors”. Which program do you use.

I use Nero scan disc

I have trouble with a dvd I made about 2 years ago, about halfway through the pic breaks up, little squares dotted about the place, if I leave it running the disc just stops, if I scan the disc in Nero its clear all the through, all green blocks, now this cant be right, is there a prog that gives accurate results for scanning dvds?

Do Nero means Nero CD/DVD Speed.

Which test do you perform. Transfer Rate, Disc Quality or ScanDisc.

I don’t want to hijack this thread but what would be the best DVD drive to do quality scans on DVD’s (burnt).
I’m getting to totally different results from my NEC 3520 and Pioneer A09

The Pio is no good scanner, not recommended for that.
You can easily see that from the screenshots.

use the NEC drive and then extract your data with IsoBuster

I think that your Pio is the better reader here…

I have NEC 3520 & 3550 and the Pio A09. I usually use the A09 for ripping the 3550 for burning and the 3520 for scanning.
In the past I was getting coasters with the A09 so i sort of took it out of commission.
Do you think the NEC gives decent scans? or should I get a Lite-On or BenQ?

No idea if these NEC are really good drives for scanning, BenQs and LiteOns are traditionally.