Scanning Dual Layer discs with Pio 111D

I’m having problem scanning DL Disc’s on my Pioneer 111D. I was just wondering if the Pioneer can’t scan Dual Layer disc’s ? (I’m scanning with Nero CD/DVD Speed). It stops at 50 %.

I’ve never seen any good scans with a Pioneer. Do you have good luck with you Pioneer?

This is well documented on here unfortunately. Not sure if anyone ever found a workaround.

Yes this is a known problem.

There’s also another problem with Nero CD-DVD Speed stopping at the layer break when scanning for jitter on DL media on LiteOn drives.

My workaround is to not use my Pioneer for scanning at all, as I don’t find it to be a very useful scanner.

I believe that Erik Deppe, the author of Nero CD-DVD Speed, is aware of the problems, so let’s hope it’s something that can be fixed in software.

Please check this scan thread:
Post #774 & 775.

I posted scans with the necessary info. :wink: