Scanning Drive



Need a new drive for disc quality scans as my DH20A4P doesn’t seem to be scanning too well any more, well at least with DL discs, it also seems to be a little louder when reading discs than it used too be. So question is what drives a good accurate scanners? Was looking at LiteOn IHAS124. I use Disc Speed


You need to be wary of the Lite-On iHASx24 drives, as there are also NEC chipset drives mixed in with the mediateks.

I think the only safe (ish) bet still is a iHAS524 (I don’t think any of these have been confirmed with an NEC chipset)



I can get a IHAS524-32 retail with label tag. From what you say I assume the NEC chipsets aren’t any good for scanning. If I go with the IHAS524-32, without undoing the drive is there any way I can know for certain it has a mediatek chipset? marking, something on the label?

Are there any other makes/brands that are also good scanners?


The NEC chipset version is a rebadged Optiarc AD7240 drive. It will scan but will not be as meaningful as the Mediatek.

If the drive has the Smart Erase feature, it will be a Mediatek. The outer box (if you get a retail drive) should also say something like iHAS524 A (you need to get the A variant, The Y variant is the NEC)

It’s all a bit of a gamble without actually seeing the drive before purchase. There are also now a ‘B’ version of the x24 drives which as a different Mediatek chip, but still useful for scanning. The only thing I can suggest if purchasing online, is to get a retail boxed drive, then you should be able to determine which version the drive is without opening. Having said all that, I have yet to see any reference to a 524 drive NOT being a Mediatek drive.

There is one other way of getting one, and it is to get a Asus 24B1LT or a Plextor PX-880SA and crossflash.