Scanning Data DVD+R vs Video DVD+R

Does CD/DVD Speed scan differently between Data vs Video DVD+R ?
Since there is no ECC for Video, can I assume the scan result of a Video disc will be likely to be worse quality compared to data disc ?


There’s no difference in a Data vs. Video DVD, except that the Video DVD has to be in a certain filesystem format with a certain folder and file structure.

You might be thinking of CDs that are somewhat different between Audio/Video and Data with less ECC protection for Audio/Video CDs (no third layer EDC/ECC).

There will be no difference in quality scans between Data and Video DVDs (except for normal variation).

You are confusing CD and DVD, specifically how VCD stores MPEG1 data and gains capacity by using the space assigned for ECC data.

DVD is intrinsically a data format it uses ECC/EDC on ALL sectors (packaged 16 at a time), and each sector is 2K in size, there is no difference between Data and DVD Video in this regard. When playing video you would tell the drive to pass back error information, but not retry bad sectors.

Brother Vlad

ic. Thank you for the explanation.
Yes, I thought DVD kept information similar to VCD.
That is a new thing I learn today. Thanks.