Scanning CD-Rs with LiteOn CD-RW drives compared to other drives

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Interesting to see that even Lite-ON CD-RW drives have the same habit of lower reported numbers than scans in other drives. Curious to know if they display similar levels of potential overtolerance aswell.

They seem to report something else than C1 if you ask me. Maybe they just report E31 as C1…? :confused: [B]Drage[/B]?

It would be nice if there was a level playing field. Thanks to Drage,
I now know that LH-xx drives only report E31 errors.

That means that the Liteon LH-20 had more E31 than the BenQ.

I suppose the only real test is to try to read the disc in
as many drives as possible.

Possibly, but IIRC, at least for earlier model CD-RW drives, they were supposed to report BLER correctly (E11+E21+E31). A simple way to estimate if that is so is to check the [I]statistics window[/I] which is reported with the Advanced Quality Scan result on BenQs or compare to a Plextor scan.

I think that’s one of the reasons they are used for CD
media tests in CDF reviews. AFAIK, older Liteon DVD-RW
drives make reasonably accurate scanners. This is yet
another scan of the same disc in my old LDW-411S@811
The numbers for C1 are almost identical to the 52246S,
although they seem to be distributed differently across
the disc :confused:

At least the 5238S and 5239V have higher tolerance to some errors compared to most other drives as can be seen from this comparison (post #18 and #22).

It’s difficult to determine this by indirect methods, but I don’t think this is the explanation. I still believe that LiteOn CD-RW drives report C1=BLER=E11+E21+E31 based on my indirect methods and other information I have read.

Perhaps the LiteOn CD-RW drives are more tolerant to C1/C2 errors up to a point, and then suddenly the tolerance ends and they have the same difficulties as other drives? They don’t seem to be better at reading the really bad CDs compared to e.g. BenQ drives.

Yes, I remember somebody (zevia?) scanning with a 40x LiteOn and getting slightly worse scans :slight_smile:

Seems that my LTR-16101B is valuable? :confused:
(It’s a Sanyo chipset and not a Mediatek chipset one though, so I can [due to historical reasons] only use KProbe but not Nero CD-DVD Speed.)

This scan looks surrealistic to me. The way I understand things, no media (not even HD) can have so few low-level reading errors, whatever the drive used for reading… I wouldn’t trust these figures.

Certainly. :iagree:

The 411@811 drive probably reports C1=E31 like later LiteOn DVD burners. A really good CD can have zero E31 errors.

I didn’t deny that :slight_smile:

I am just wondering why anyone with a BenQ would bother scanning their CD-Rs with a liteon DVD writer as well? It’s pretty much useless, I would only stick with the BenQ because of it’s ability to scan jitter and all those different levels of errors.

I want a BenQ now to test my CD-Rs lol.

I agree :iagree: media scan results should always be treated with
a pinch of salt. However, I wouldn’t be too quick to discount the
52246S CD scans. It usually gives C1 totals in the thousands for
CD-R and in the tens of thousands for pressed CDs.

I found a few mint condition CDs in my special CD storage vault
(biscuit tin) and scanned them in the Liteon 52246S.

The first one is a pressed CD with 400MB of data. Scan speed
is 32x.
C1 av:30.2 max:67 tot:72113 Quality score: 89

Next is a Memorex branded Prodisc CD-R with 700MB. 32x
C1 av:0.43 max:10 tot:1766 Quality score: 99

Tesco (supermarket own-brand) CD-R Hong Kong 32x
C1 av:4.55 max:70 tot:21722 Quality score:88

Samsung branded CMC CD-R 32x
C1 av:1.28 max:23 tot:6148 Quality score 96

There were no C2 errors on any of the discs. The Samsung
scan is below.

These figures seem to be in the right ball-park compared
to the BenQ and the Liteon CD-RW drives that are
favoured by the CDF reviewers. The only way that I can
get those surreal scans is by burning Verbatim
MIJ CD-Rs at 16x CLV in the LH-20.

The Liteon has one big advantage over the BenQ. It is here
in my main PC. If I want to scan a disc in the BenQ, I have to
go to another room and boot up my old Athlon 850MHz PC.
It’s all too much trouble :slight_smile:

Hurry up! They are getting scarce.