Scanning at 16x stupid?

recently i ran into some less than awesome blanks in a TY value grade pack. normally i scan at 8x but recently started scanning at 8x and 16x. some of the scans look damn good at 8x but 16x scans on the same dvds fail miserably towards the end (at around 4gb). should i reburn them (on another media)? or am i being too paranoid? is scanning at 16x unnecessary?

sorry i didn’t keep up with the latest scanning trends and couldn’t find similar threads here. the burner is a benq 1640 with the latest firmware burning 8x TY value media at 4x (my pc is slow).

That’s a personal judgement call. If, for example, they’re DVD Video discs and they play fine, I wouldn’t replace them. Also run a transfer rate test on them. If they’re critically important data, I’d probably burn a backup, otherwise if they function properly I’d not worry too much about it.

If I am not mistaken it is common practice with that media to scan it at 4x.

That said I am a bit surprised you can only burn at 4x. Have you tried 6x? It seems that most 8x media burns best at 6x or even 8x with a good burner and you do have a good burner. The create disk option in CDSpeed can let you know how much CPU load your computer experiences while burning during the creation disk test. It uses uses one blank disk so you have to sacrifice one but the information can be valuable to your future burning.

Scanning speed is not dependant on the media, but the drive itself. 8x is the forum ‘standard’, but that’s not to say that any other speed is any less valid. The 1640 doesn’t support 6x burn speeds unfortunately.

thanks for the responses so far. my pc usually has trouble feeding it data at 8x and i don’t believe 6x is an option. it’ll have to stop a couple of times at 8x because buffers get exhausted and i don’t like that too much. again, probably too paranoid about that too. the “good” dvds from the same stack scan fine at 16x.

bah, well 6x is out, that is unfortunate.


What type of processor and such do you have? Perhaps there are some tweaks the more knowledgeable people here can suggest to help improve your burning performance by minimizing unnessesary process, so on so forth.

i have an athlon xp 2000, half a gig of ram. anyways burn speed isn’t the issue here as one dvd from the same pack burned at the same speed will scan fine at 16x and the next will fail.

It would be adviseable to Scan at 8X speed for more reliable scan results even if you had burnt the disc @16X.

Depends on what you mean by “reliable scans”.

If the purpose of your scans is to compare to other scans posted on these forums, it’s better to scan at the same speed as the posted scans.

If OTOH you want to scan in order to detect bad and marginal discs, then 16x scanning is more useful in many drives, because it’s more picky / less forgiving than low-to-medium speed scans.