Scanning album art vs just downloading from the internet is it worth my time? need advice

I have taken on the big project of ripping all my Cd albums into flac format with dbpoweramp ripper. I have worked through most of my collection, but realize & read some people scan their album art as well. I could do this but it wold be quite time consuming to go through my albums again to scan the front covers. I am a creative type where I end up doing a lot of archiving of my artwork & photographs, & scanning album covers as well may add to my already big work flow. Can anyone advise me on this? is it worth my time? or should I just be happy with internet images & focus on getting good audio? a lot of the internet images are OK, 300-or more pixels, & dbpoweramp usually gets 400, 500 & even 1000 pixels images.

It really depends on what you are going to use those album covers for.

If you are going to tag your mp3 files with cover images, I wouldn’t use images larger than approx. 60 kB or approx. 350-500 pixels (whichever is smaller). This is in order to ensure compatibility with some devices.

If you are going to use the cover art for printing new covers later on, it makes sense to have good quality high resolution cover images. I wouldn’t insert those large images as tags in the mp3 files, however, but instead tag with a scaled down version.

EDIT: Just noticed you were talking about FLAC files and not MP3 files, so the limitation I listed on cover size may be irrelevant.