Scannig photos into Nero SVCD Slideshow

Brand new here so… I have the latest Nero and am trying to make a SVCD slideshow from combination digital camera photos and scanned 4x6 photos. The 4x6 scanned photos leave a black bar, top and bottom, in the Playback Window of Nero Express 2 SVCD slideshow screen while the photos from the digital camera completely fill the Playback Window. I have tried the 4:3 and 16:9 ratio settings for SVCD when using the scanned photos but to no avail…Nero claims it can’t be done because Nero doesn’t have Fill the Screen capabilities. Help…this is really startin’ to bug me… I don’t want a SVCD slideshow with 1/2 the pics filling the screen and the other half not…hope I have done everything right. thanks.