I want to scan my old photos and save them to a dvd. What would be the best scanner for the job? Would a 4800 X 9600 dpi scanner be ok?
Thanks :smiley:

I would STRONGLY reccomend the epson 3590 scanner

I’ve used this before and it is brilliant. I’ve scanned in photos from negatives to 8999 by5999 resolution and it does a great job. Im sure it would do an equally good job with scanning photos in.

I’ve scanned literally hundreds of photos (old and new), with my Epson CX3200, and with my Canon MP500, and I never scanned at above 600dpi, and generally only scanned at 400dpi. I 4 x 6 color photo scanned at 400dpi is easily enlarged to 5 x 7 with no detail loss, and often I can get a pretty good 8 x 10. Do a google search on photo scanning, and you will see many varying opinions, but many recommend around the 300dpi to 400dpi, unless you are scanning negatives. In my experience, scanning at above 400dpi, only enhances dust, scratches, and noise. I welcome anyone with experience to offer their thoughts on this subject.