Scanner Help

I have been trying to find a way of scanning a picture without the damn thing being 20mb or even larger. When I d/load from the cover sites the files are always small ( were talking kb’s) and usually good quality. I assume that some sort of compression is used ? Would appreciate any advice on software ( the free kind if poss) that I might use. My scanner is a Umax astra 3400 and the software is Presto Pagemanager. Thanks in advance :smiley:


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try saving it to *.jpg instead of *.bmp

JPG is the file format you need for this.
WHen you are asked what quality in jpeg you want to save it at, choose 70% (depends on the scale offered of course), that way you have good quality at a easonable file size.

Also do not scan at 1200 dpi…usually 300 dpi is more than enough.

Thanks that was easy what a difference down to 500k :wink:


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