Scandisk problem




While running Scandisk a message appears telling me Scandisk has restarted 10 times because a program is writing to the C drive at the same time. But as far as I am aware no other programs are running. If I choose to continue without receiving this message it eventually completes Scandisk. But when I try to defrag the drive in question a message appears telling me it cannot continue because of an error on the drive, and to run Scandisk! Any suggestions would be gratefully apreciated.



Disable all your non-mickeysoft programs , such as virusscanners , kazaa tray bar , etc.

Usually it’s the virusscanner that affects scandisk.

If it’s 9x you can also try just scandisk in dos and then reboot in windows.


click together ctrl+alt+del

this will show you all that is running in the back ground,

Shut Down all, but not EXPLORER

Then run Scandisk, then defrag, then restart you Computer.

All done


Have you got a USB camera attached? Had the same problem, and traced it down to that - had to disable ‘events’ for it in control panel. :smiley:


That used to happen to me too…I do as Coopoo does, but I don’t ‘end task’ systray… I also found that if you just end task STIMON, then scandisk would complete.




im suprised MS dont add that to the warning message…its such a common problem, and the solution is always the same.