ScanDisc errors only after I burn certain files

I’m using Nero I have had no problems burning CDs or DVDs (I use good media – right now I’m using Maxell MIJ CD blanks.)

When I burn a certain set of files – and ONLY those files – the burn goes okay, and Nero does not report any errors, but when I use Nero CD-DVD Speed to check the burn, benchmark is fine but ScanDisc just locks up. Nero CD-DVD Speed stops responding and I have to shut it down using the End Process or End Task or whatever it’s called.

I have burned these files FOUR times, and get the same results every time. These are all job files (not music or movies) – Photoshop files, QuarkXpress files, PDFs. Total size is 688, so I’m not trying to burn too much data.

I’ve tried to check the burned CDs with other versions of Nero CD-DVD Speed, and they also crash.

I don’t know what to try next. I really need to archive these files, since they are job files and I will probably need to retrieve them someday. Although I did open some of the files on the burned CDs, I don’t really trust the CDs if I can’t run ScanDisc on them.

FWIW, I have been burning other files to CD since I ran into this problem, and they all go through the ScanDisc process just fine. It’s just the four CDs with this one set of files that are giving me the problem. So I don’t think it could be the media (what the odds that out of a whole spindle, I’d pick four bad CDs only when I burned that set of files four times?).

Any ideas as to what’s wrong?



Hi Mallomar,

I can’t give an explanation for the problem you describe, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your backup either. It’s probably just a glitch or a bug in the combination of software and hardware that you’re using. The ultimate test is “can I copy those files back to the computer from the CD?”. Try that on both your desktop and laptop and you’ll be fine.

I remember you’re using CD-DVD Speed’s ScanDisc test because your external Sony burner can’t run a Disc Quality test (which most of us here use to evaluate our burns). Maybe with the Sony out of warranty meanwhile, it’s time to “crossflash” it to the equivalent BenQ model firmware now, which would be perfect for CD (and DVD) quality scanning.


How do you remember all this stuff?? Yeah, I’ve got the Sony, but I don’t remember how long a warranty it has/had.

Good idea to try copying the files back to my hard drive. No problems copying, no problems opening the copied files (although I only opened a couple of them).

I’m planning to get a new computer, which will have an internal CD-DVD burner, so when I get that maybe I’ll be braver about cross-flashing! (Right now I have only the one functional burner, so I’m handling it with kid gloves.) And it guess it’s time to check out the hardware threads to see which internal burner I should get.

I can’t explain that either (remembering) :wink: … How about running ScanDisc on those CD’s in another computer (laptop?), to further ease your mind.

Whenever you’re ready to “crossflash”, let us know. It can get a bit tricky as both BenQ 1640 and 1650 models have posed as a Sony 810. But the quality scanning will be worth it.