Scandisc error with LiteOn48, but not Asus

I have a LiteOn32x oc’d to 48x(VS02). After burning, normally I use my Asus50x to perform scandisc. Today, I use the LiteOn drive itself to scandisc, noticed a lot of yellow sectors with one or two sectors unreadable. Why is it so? Scandisc with Asus50x show 100% or at least 95% perfect with no unreadable sector. Problems only happened with LiteOn… Is my drive too hot??

Another problem… always after three times perform “transfer rate test” in CDSpeed. The forth time will have some errors, than test aborted. At first I thought is heat problem, then I put my air-cond down to 16 degree celcius, still the same… ???

well first of all overclocking your lite-on drive to a higher speed will probably make it less reliable. (32x to 48x) this drive was made for 32x speed use 32x when writing disks. also is tha cd-r’s your using certified for that high speed use?

To be safe, I always burn at 32x with 32x certified Verbatim.

A lot of people here claimed that 32x(w version) is exactly the same as 48x, only difference is the firmware. So, I don’t think it is a problem for overclocking it… and I never burn more than 40x anyway.

Thanks for yr input. :slight_smile:

Niel, if you flash back your drive with the original FW you’ll see discs that had errors disappear.

I flash my 40125S to VS02 and ZS0A back and forward several times. Discs written with VS02 but checked with ZS0A has no errors at all, but in the other way discs that I burned with ZS0A and checked with VS02 has errors.

I observed that FW also afects reading capability.

Is a good idea to check the discs in another drive, cause I noticed that P-CAV or CAF FW reports more errors than Z-CLV FW.

It may also be due todifferent drives.

I have a toshiba sd-m1502 that nearly always fails reading some sectors with cdspeed or clonecd, while my ltr-163d flyes through with no errors.

Can’t remember saying that LTR-32125W and LTR-48125W was 100% identical, even if they use same chipset and is identical enough to be overclocked they still may use cheaper components(motor, pickup) in the slower models…

So overclocking may make the drive faster but worse in some cases.