Scandinavian buyer, Litey-1633 or NEC-3500...?


I´m a Lite-On fan with two liteys that burn perfect… :smiley: One LDW-411@811 Z-mod V-4 and a SOHW-812S.

But the things are speeding up and I need your advice for my next purchase. Lite-On 1633 or a NEC-3500. Which one to buy? :stuck_out_tongue:
Note. I have to wait two weeks longer for a SOHW-1633…


BTW, I do most of my computer HW shopping here.

I’d go for ND-3500A.
FYI, might have it in a bit earlier than :slight_smile:


Buy ND-3500A. :slight_smile:

They have NEC-3500A white bulk, in stock right now…

But, please tell me why I should choose NEC over Lite-On? The specs looks the same.

Thanks :wink:

Get whats cheaper. Although I am a huge Lite-on fan because of all the tools made proprietary to Lite-on dives, such as K-Probe for example.

I’d go for the ND-3500A as well. Less wait for what appears to be a faster, better product.

I would go for the NEC 3500A.

Until now prewievs has been very fine.

I only use my 1213S for KProbe, because of the bad write quality. I use Plextor 712A or NEC 2500A for writing.

You have 2 liteon’s for KProbe and it time to try something else.

If this 3500A is as good as the 2500A, concerning writing quality (and perhaps modifiability), I’d surely stick with NEC. LiteON’s DVD writers are good, but they can’t compete with the writing quality of the latest NEC models (actually, I’m comparing 8x writers now). I admit that KProbe is a very nifty tool to have/use and it’s a shame that (for now) there’s no such tool for the NEC. Maybe there will be support for PI/PO scanning in Nero CD/DVD Speed for the 3500a?

I use Samsung writers for 4x DVD-R TY burning, LG writers for 4x DVD-R and 8x DVD+R burning, Lite-On writers for KProbe and CDSpeed tests, Plextor PX-708A for CD-R burning, and so on. :bigsmile:

Of course, I can technically burn at 16x, but I prefer 4x and 8x.

I count myself lucky to already have a ND-3500A, the more i use it the more i like how it performs, i’m not sure it writes any better than my ND-2510A, i’d say it’s about even but then the ND-2510A’s write quality was going to be very hard to beat anyway.

I don’t have any real fast media yet, so i haven’t been able to test the drive at 12X or 16X but hopefully soon :slight_smile:

As a reader, it’s miles better than the ND-2510A and even beats my Lite-On 167T, the speed it rips through a DVD movie is awesome, and it’s so quiet :slight_smile:

To sum up, i’d say go for the ND-3500A, you won’t regret it :wink:

It’s CDR burning performance is also much improved, it will write a full 80min CD in well under 3 minutes


I’d like to buy your ND-3500A and you can buy some TY YUDEN000T02 media from me since I’ve got an almost limitless income of that media while none of my drives write to one at 16x with good results. :slight_smile:

That is, if FedEx or DHL cost less than one tenth of the drive price. (In reality, it’s about half.)

It seems we have a dilemma here. :slight_smile:
In South Korea you have a good supply of fast and good quality media, whereas in the UK fast and good quality media is very hard and expensive to purchase, for example TYG02 which I think is 8X is £83 for 100 spindle. I don’t know what that would translate to in your currency.

In the UK we appear to have a good supply of high speed burners to burn that media on, and South Korea doesn’t.

I’ve had a quick look around the various On-Line stores and most of them have stock of the ND-3500AG from £52 - £65

There may be a solution though, perhaps you could fly to London with a 100 spindle of your YUDEN000T02 media, I’ll fly to London with my ND-3500AG and we can swap at the airport. :bigsmile:

PS When is the ND-3500A on sale in South Korea?

i think the normal UK post office will do secure delivery to South Korea, not sure about it the other way (S Korea to UK) :slight_smile:

Thank you ALL for your input and suggestions. :bow:

Yeah, now I also think NEC-3500A is the best choice right now. NEC burns DVD-R (-) faster :stuck_out_tongue: , NEC burns DVD+R9 (DL) faster :stuck_out_tongue: , NEC can handle “bad” media better then Litey´s :stuck_out_tongue: , and there seem to be many (not NEC employed) “firmware”-developers out there… :bigsmile:

Ordered a NEC-3500A (bulk) this evening at Hopefully I will have one more “toy” to play around with friday after work. :cool:

  • Case closed -

Post Office is also expensive though it’s a lot better for books because they discount for books. Because they calculate the price based on weight and bulk size, DVD writers and DVD media are expensive to ship internationally by air. It’s of course very different for bulk CPUs and memory modules. :slight_smile:

I think it’s possible to send almost anything from South Korea to most or all countries in Europe. The problem is the cost. It doesn’t cost me anything except electricity to run the computers to send 4.7GB or even 470GB files to UK so the Internet has finally become almost free compared to air delivery. :slight_smile:

UK: 83 for 100 8x DVD-R TYG02 and 52 for 16x ND-3500A
SK: 84,000 for 100 8x DVD+R YUDEN000T02 and 151,000 for Samsung 16x TS-H552B

In South Korea, there’s only a small company that imports NEC drives from Japan and their price is higher than Samsung and LG. Therefore, hardly anybody buys NEC drives in South Korea now. In South Korea, No. 1 vendor is LG, No. 2 Samsung, and the third place is for Lite-On, something like 60% vs. 30% vs. 5% vs. the rest like Pioneer, Matsushita, NEC, HP, etc. There’s also NEC Korea but NEC Korea doesn’t sell DVD writers in South Korea which is rather strange considering NEC has had many big business projects between South Korea and Japan and there are always the Korean-language MIC stickers on NEC drives.

Samsung TS-H552B is the most cost-effective drive in South Korean market right now.