Scan Sectors of Playstation disc?


I recently bought a rare PSX game off of eBay and I am looking for a program that is capable of scanning the disc sectors using my computer’s CD/DVD ROM drive in order to see if it will play all the way through and basically determine the quality of the disc. OR if there is some other feasible solution I would be open to that as well. I have tried using VSO Inspector, but I have a feeling that it is getting an error reading the sectors because the Playstation disc is Mode 2? So if you happen to know of some way that I can test the disc to see if it will play all sectors I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

PSX discs used bad sectors as copy protection, so bad sectors aren’t necessarily a sign of a bad disc.

Hmm that’s interesting, but that still leaves me with a problem. If I can’t rely on a sector scanner to tell me whether or not the disc is bad, then what else might I be able to use?

Nero CD/DVD speed :wink: