Scan results with new Memorex DVD Dual Layer burner

I got a new Memorex drive today, and here are the results of my first burn. I’m still fairly inexpert at interpreting these scans, but I gather that these results are extremely poor. (For the recordable media, I also used a Memorex DL disc.) Are there some things I can tweak to get better burns and results, or should I think about returning this drive? Thanks for any help.

Your main problem is choice of media. For dual layer blank dvds, you should buy Verbatim +R DL. Also, look on the cakebox and make sure the Verbatims you buy are made in Singapore rather than India.

I don’t know offhand who made that burner. May have to go poke around in the burner subforum.

Edit: Looks like it is probably manufactured by Lite-On, so it should be decent.

Yeah, I know the brand/quality of blank media can make quite a difference–still, these results are really pitiful even for the Memorex brand media.

I believe I also would buy the Verbatim Media, but if that disc plays ( the above scan) then I would just try a lower burning speed. I dont think its the drive, like Kerry56 said, its your choice of media.

I thought it was a pretty low burning speed already: I did it at 4x.

Also, in regards to the Verbatim and getting the ones “made in Singapore rather than India,” I just checked with and they said “Currently, the Verbatim dual layer are made in India.” Hmmm.

Well I found a reputable seeming ebay dealer/store claiming to have the “made in singapore” DL dvds, so I’ll see how that transaction goes. I scanned another Memorex burn, though, just to see, and this time I did it at an even slower burn speed: 2x. The results are even worse! See results below–this is ridiculous! I know Memorex isn’t up to par with what users here say about Verbatim, but I had no idea that Memorex would manufacture something this atrocious. I’ve done some burning of cds and single layer dvds on this drive with good ole Taiyo Yudens, and those turned out fine, so it’s looking more and more like Memorex DL dvd media is absolute total unbelievable crap.

Just out of curiosity, do these two disks play in a standalone dvd player?

Kerry56, yes! Actually it’s been more than a few days now, and both discs still seem to play absolutely fine without any glitches. Any idea how that is possible? Especially for that second disc that I scanned and provided the results for below: How can such a disc with all those critical errors AND a quality score of 0 be playing fine? Is CD speed not scanning these DL DVDs correctly?

There have been a few people who say the scanning programs we have to use at home are not correctly setup to scan the inverse stack dual layer disks. Most of the cheaper DL disks use this manufacturing process.

Still don’t trust the inverse stack disks though. The burning strategies we have in most of our dvd drives don’t seem to be well matched yet. And there are many, many reports of making pure coasters with them. You’ll just have to watch those you’ve already burned, and maybe run a transfer rate test on them from time to time.

To do that, hit Run Test at the top of CD/DVD Speed, then hit Transfer Rate Test. It will show how well the drive is reading the information on the disks, and if it has to slow down to read it. You should see smooth curves on that test----with no jagged drops in speed.

…Actually, I now see that the disc of 0 quality really does have some problems upon viewing it last night again, as it became unwatchable with many glitches…But today I got the Verbatim DL discs in the mail. Below are the results. Any thoughts? I burned at 2.4x, and these results with these discs look a lot better I think. The quality score isn’t up in the 90’s where I’d like it, but it sure beats those Memorex discs!

Hey, Kerry56, so I was wondering are the Verbatim DL discs the bad “inverse stack” type? It sounded like they were not, but I wanted to make sure…because I’m apparently having issues with the Verbatim DL discs, too. Here are some scan results, and they don’t look good. I also did that transfer rate test: is this what good transfer rate tests should look like? I am confused about the poor scanning results with these results so far–even with the much recommended Verbatims and with the positive reviews I’ve read here about other Memorex DL DVD burners. (Though actually watching them on a DVD player, these discs seem good from start to finish. So maybe CD speed is not an accurate gauge even for these Verbatim discs?)

It could be that the Memorex firmware has something to do with the scanning, even if the drive is a Litey as suggested above. I’ve scanned Verbatim 8x +R DL discs with very nice results in CD-DVD Speed.

Verbatim discs aren’t inverse stack :disagree:

Also that layer break is in a funny place…what software did you burn the DL with?

I used CloneDVD2 version … Also, I don’t see any updates for this drive on the Memorex website: any other solutions if it is a firmware issue?

I can’t be positive it’s the Memorex firmware, but I’ll give you an example (with another drive) that makes me think so:

When I first got a Philips burner (forget the model number) which was a rebadged BenQ 1650, there were various scanning anomalies with the Philips firmware. Once I crossflashed it with BenQ 1650 firmware, scanning was fixed.

Another option is to keep the Memorex as is (and thus keep your warranty intact), and grab a Litey solely for scanning :wink:

Thanks, Arachne. I hadn’t really thought to try scanning with a drive different from the one that the discs are being burned with–I had thought that was not recommended. So I scanned the same disc from yesterday’s scans that I posted here using my BENQ. Still having scanning problems, though. (And I know this disc is better than the “quality score” on yesterday and today’s scan, b/c I watched it from start to finish with no glitches.) The BENQ doesn’t even want to finish the scan and stops in the middle (that layer break you mentioned maybe?)…but up until that point the scan looks very different (better) than the Memorex drive’s scan. Still don’t know what to do. I guess I can just continue to go by the old method of watching the disc to determine how well they’re burning.

Excellent, you have a BenQ! :clap:

Try the scan again on the BenQ, but this time at 8x :wink:

A Transfer Rate Test (in CD-DVD Speed) on your BenQ would be great too. :iagree: (Benchmark tab, the Run Test menu -> Transfer Rate Test).

thanks for your continued help on this, Arachne. Here are the results…once more, they look pretty different than previous scans of the same disc; though I personally don’t know what to make of them with my limited knowledge. Also, the disc quality test scan appears not to have completed again–even at 8x. I got an error message once it hit what I guess was that layer break–the error said something about not being able to read info.

That’s a very strange TRT, I didn’t think BenQs were limited to 2x when reading +R DL (but then to be fair I haven’t used my BenQs much).

That’s a good scan graph up until it quits. If the Memorex is a rebadged Litey, I wonder if the BenQ is having a problem with that.

I know Verbie DLs are expensive and not good to waste, but trying a burn on the BenQ, then scanning on the BenQ might shed some light onto the media quality at least.

:confused: Can I burn a DL disc on the BENQ? That drive isn’t a DL burner. Do you mean that in CloneDVD I would try to burn the DL disc as a single layer/DVD-5?

The BenQ 1650 is capable of burning +R DL disks, up to 8x speed I believe.

Try burning DL with ImgBurn instead of CloneDVD. It will set the layer break correctly, if possible.