Scan request: Smartbuy DVD-R 8X on @BenQ 1650

I searched forum, but I can’t find any Prodisc DVD-R burned with DW 1650. I can buy them for good price, but only 50 discs spindle, so I can’t try them.
So, if anybody have scan of these discs, please show me (I will like to see Smartbuy version)

For mods: Is this place OK to have this request, or I had to go on “Post your BenQ 1650 SL media here” thread?


8x SmartBuy -R can be either ProdiscS04 or ProdiscF01.

My experience with F01 is limited to a year+ old burns in BenQ DW1620 and LG GSA-4163B. Burn quality was very good in both, but I only had two 25-packs of Fujifilm-branded Prodisc media to base my judgement on. Scans are below, LG followed by BenQ.

DW1640/50/55 will give you results very similar to DW1620, but the main cause of different quality in this case will be variation between batches of this media, as you can see here:

Look through the rest of that thread [at least the more recent messages in it], to see that F01 is not a very predictable media.

lol, hey agent is your 1620 a somewhat optimistic reader?? Does your 1655 read the scans exactly the same?

Scans looks great!!!
Hope same is with 1650…

One thing to watch out for: In my experience, Prodisc media degrades FAST. If you’re using the same discs 3 months from now, be ready for worse results.

“Not really”, and “pretty much”. Scans will always be different between drives.

Here’s one of those year-old Fujifilm ProdiscF01 I located.

Four scans:
a year ago after it was burned, by DW1620,
today, by DW1640,
today, by DW1655,
today, by Lite-On 165P6S.

If anyone’s optimistic, it’s the Lite-On. 6 PIFs, right…

Not in my experience. See the scans of a 12-month old disc above.

But I am not going to generalize my experience with 50 discs to the other NNN million Prodisc DVDs out there.

lol, you must have one hell of a setup of just have the best of the best batches, or do you mark the discs with the 99% QS’s when you get lucky? :stuck_out_tongue: lol j/k