Scan NEC 3540 vs. 3550 variance?

I have a Nec 3540 and a Nec 3550 and am a bit confused at the moment. I noticed the burns on the 3550 are not as good as my 3540, so here is what i did.

I burned a DVD Video on my 3540 and get a very good Scan using Nero Info tool.

I then take that DVD Video that i just burned and scanned in my 3540, and decide to use nero Info tool and compare scans. This one is much worse. I believe the NEC 3550 has some inconsistencies as I RMA’d my first drive as it gave horrible results, and sure enough, because the DVD wouldn’t play in any of my players. Can someone explain why the 3550 or maybe even my 3540 would provide these different scans on the Same DVD Video ?

Generally, two drives of the same kind (NEC) but different models can give you different scan results under Nero CD-DVD Speed. I believe it’s better to scan the media with the same drive that burned it, as that seems to give a better idea of the quality. Unless there’s some specific issue with a 3550 over the 3540, I wouldn’t be concerned over what you are seeing with the 3550 in the 2nd scan.

Look in the appropriate threads, I scan at 8x with my 3550 and the PIF’s ahould match a little closer, matter of fact my nec 3550 scans better and burns better at 8x than my nec 3440.
If you’ll use the cdspeed make data disk, then scan and do a transfer test, you’ll see
what happening as the drive speeds up the burn.
This whole 16x thing was a mistake. Hardware or media wasn’t quite ready.

I’d like to know about this too, my 3550A gives me 8x more errors than my Pioneer 104, more of a difference than you. This is the case in both DVDInfoPro and Nero cd/dvd speed. I have a thread under blank media about the drive and TYG02 (has mislabeled title). I just need some more reassurance that this drive is not to be used for scanning, cause the numbers I get are scary. :frowning:

Scan with a pioneer 104? Forget it, transfer test only. Disregard PIE’s with
a nec 3550/4550 etc.

@desavedo: there are already several threads and numerous posts about the scanning behavior of the 3550/4550/4551 family drives. Not difficult to find so please next time try to search a little. :wink:

It’s clear from all the reports (and I confirm that from my own experience) that these 4550/3550/4551 drives report PIE in an inconsistent and unreliable fashion, at least many units do.

A couple of users report that their units are consistent at certain speeds, but some say it’s 8X, others 16X… :doh:

BTW even the 3540, Nec’s most usable scanner to date, reports PIE in a strange (but, luckily, consistent) way, as it can report PIE values of 4000+ though the maximum PIE possible value @8ECCC is 1664. :rolleyes: - so even with this drive you already know that PIEs reported are probably much higher than they should be.

And the 4550/3350/4551 drives report sometimes twice to three times the numbers reported by a 3540…! :doh:

The bottom line IMO: until things get clearer (if they ever do), it’s better to dismiss PIEs reporting from the 4550/4551/3550 drives, and check only PIFs.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: