Scan differences




I’ve just added the DW 1620 Pro to my collection and i was trying a few burns to start with.
I’m used to K-Probe with my Liteon 832S and have started using Nero for the PI/PIF scans on the Benq drive.
I’ve tested a few on both drives using Nero and the scans on the Liteon drive seem a LOT lower than on the Benq drive.

Eg. Liteon starts at 50 PI and runs along at that level, whereas the Benq starts at about 200 PI and runs along at that level.
Of all the discs i’ve tried so far, the Liteon scans have been at least 2-3 times smaller than my BENQ.

Anyone have any ideas why i would be getting poor scans?


This is covered in depth here:

I would give the nod to the Kprobe scans on the Liteon.


This doesn’t really answer the question.
I’m saying that the burn on the Benq scans worse on the Benq than it does when scanned on the Liteon, both using Nero CD-DVD speed.
According to what i’ve read, the Benq should be a better reader. So am i to assume that i’ve got a dud, if my scans are far worse?