Scan database?


I’ve been having this idea for quite some time now, but unfortunately I don’t really have much time to spend on it… I suppose I could find some time, to create the database, and code some preliminary interface to it, but I’d need help with design/further coding. I also have a good webhost to host it.

Idea is very simple - have public database of scans everyone makes. We could store a whole lot info about them:

  • media id
  • brand
  • package
  • country
  • drive
  • firmware
  • write speed
  • scan speed
  • scan graph
  • comments
  • scans from other burners?
  • batch id?

this would provide a powerful tool for those who want to know what media to buy, or what drive to buy, or how one media does with specific drive, or which firmware is best for a drive, etc etc

It should be relatively easy to do, it’s just that I don’t have enough time, so I’d need some cooperation from someone able to program in php.

What do you think?

Do you mean something like the one that is already in existance.
Check out this database :stuck_out_tongue:

Many people tried, including myself, but hmmm coding + database + design + hosting… aren’t them practically all that is required? And who scans and updates? :wink:

CDFreaks has virtually all kinds of information related to CD and DVD recording. It’s not lack of information, but organization of information.

I noticed of South Korea trying a similar thing. Tables for all drives and all media. At first, they looked good, but lots of missing and contradictory information and the more things are added, the more difficult to search. If you have something clearly better than any previous works, please post it.

On the DVD Media test forum, there are just a little over 1,000 posts. But there are thousands more on the various RH-sub forums like this Lite-On forum. How easy is it to search for the right information each person is looking for? I haven’t seen even just one person who does a personal management of such database. (Excluding ugly-looking tables like my own efforts or difficult-to-navigate random links to various forum posts.)

When we created the disc testing forum, it quickly became apparent that any such effort where any member can post and contribute is fraught with problems, most importantly in the formatting of the posts. The is why the test forums have very strick rules about formatting posts.
And likewise, we posted very specific instructions on how to search the tests. If the post format is done correctly, the search results are very easy to browse to find the tests you want.

The only way to reduce this data to a proper database, is for one person to take the hundreds of posts and enter them into the database, which nobody here will be willing to do. The database would then also need to be maticulously updated and maintained as new drives and media come out, not to mention every firmware update for each burner.

Our test forum is unique on the web, you won’t find a more complete resource. You simply need to learn how to use the search function to extract the tests you want. It also helps if one knows what one is looking at. :wink:

And a BIG thank you to rdgrimes for maintaining the DVD Testing forum for so long. :slight_smile:

My exact reason to have this idea, that it’s too difficult to find in this forum information I wan’t. People just miss something simple as firmware, or print Media ID incorrectly, and automatically it’s missing from my search results.

If we’d have it the way I see it, you’d have to fill all the fields before you can post it. It would appear immediatelly in some section, so that you can link to the page - so everyone could post it there instead of here. Once it would be approved (and that should be simple, just looking over if it matches all the rules), it would get entered into db permanently…