Scan after update

I just updated the firmware on my ldw 811s from HSOR to HSOKpatched. There still seems to be some bad burning going on can anyone help with some suggestions. I am using ritekr03 8x dvdr+ media at 8x. As you can see from the HSOKpatched did not make a good scan. The second scan is when I was using HSOE firmware.

Can anyone tell me where I can get firmware version HSOE? It seemed to be the best for my LDW811s burner.


… and scanning at max read speed. Rescan at 4x.

Over at :wink:

BTW, why not update to latest KProbe, while you are on it.


I did rescans at all differnt speeds with same results. Any ideas. I am thinkn I will reflash back to HSOE firmware.