Scams On The Internet; FBI Charges 88



I just posted the article Scams On The Internet; FBI Charges 88.

If you have an email address you probably have seen them. E-mail address that look like or another strange address, a normal human would never use. Most of the time they have…

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Take them all…put them in the dungeon :frowning:


This world is like wet pussy :9 . sick dude! :r Sorry about my language…


this is a good thing… those messages suck it`s a good thing the FBI uses her time for this instead of going after software pirates…


Finaly some one does somthing about those iritating msg`s…


GOOD!!! I’m fucking tired of junk mail. My hotmail account is 99% Spam everytime I sign on. Blocking doesn’t work because the sender’s email changes every time the put spam out. :frowning:


I get bloody spam through on my freeuk account sick off it. My virus checker is updated everyday, and and sus emails I delete :7


lol @ my grammer and and = and any