Scammers return photocopied discs to automated rental company

Scammers return photocopied discs to automated rental company.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Redbox, a game and movie rental company in the United States is suffering from fraud with their discs. 

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As Redbox uses creditcard payments it should be possible to trace the scammers, unless they used fake or stolen credit cards.

Unless the last person that rented a movie & got a fake disc just didn’t consider it worth the time to straiten out the problem.
How much time should a person spend just to get a dollar or so back ?
If my results with RedBox are average then I’ve never got a fake .
It would have to happen at least 3 times before I tried to straiten it out .
So in theory I could be the last renter before someone reported the fake & not the guilty party.

Since it only costs them about 5.00USD a disc, if that, it would be not cost effective to pursue this unless it really became a big, big problem, which I do not believe it is, its easier for a theif to think of a different way to make a buck than to steal used DVDs. JMHO.

THIS IS WHY CORPORATIONS CREATE DRM TECHNOLOGY!!! These people are the lowest. If you must steal movies/games, which in and of itself is uncondoneable, at least, have the decency of doing so in a way that doesn’t involve causing someone to spend money to borrow a (useless) piece of paper!

This is B/S, IMO all they need to do to fix this is have an insertion slot on the machine for the return discs, and the machine reads the disc to verify it is the correct one being returned, then when it re-issues the disc it’s re-packed in a new folder by the machine! These companies are too cheap to up their game and actually put a blu ray reader inside the machine… for fear the thieves will take the whole damn machine, discs and all… & sell it for scrap metal.