Scam Warning

Many places are selling Macrovision free LVW-5005 at an infllated price and
there are just normal LVW-5005s with FW hack :rolleyes:

Aside from the obvious legalities, I guess this shows the difference in the US markets compared with UK/European markets.

In the UK, there are really only a handful of companies who even sell DVD recorders and most of these are nationwide chains who would not dare use such “sharp” practices.

However, I am willing to bet even with your inflated prices, we still pay more over here (usual rule we pay approx £1 in per 1$ spent in US)!

I wonder if you can get someone in the US to buy and ship over to the UK could be cheeper?

Maybe but what about warrenty, import tax, region and also different power rating…
And not to forget shipping