SC:PT Image

I have the UK Image of Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. I don’t want to burn it, I just want to run the game. The UK version of the game has SafeDisc 3.20.022. Install works fine, but when I try to run it, it asks me to insert disc 3, then once I mount disc 3, it tells me to insert the right CD-ROM. Anyone know what I can do to actually play this game?

How did you make the image?
It runs fine from an image for me…


I didn’t. My cousin Kris did. His computer has a better CD-RW drive, one that has fast error-skipping and all of that jazz. I just have an old Lite-On LTR-24102B. It seems like I should be able to use the image though. I mean, if it works to install it and all.

What virtual drive are you playing it from?

I tried Alcohol 120% v.1.9.2 and I also tried using CloneCD v. Neither have worked.

Did you make the image off an original or off a backup?


Those virtual drives are porbably blacklisted, Deffinately clonecd’s, maybe Alcohol. Maybe someone here can testify.

I don’t know if there is any virtual drive at the moment that isn 't blacklisted, as no software has been updated in a long time.

Have you tried burning it to disc?

I can run off Daemon-Tools 3.46 Virtual Drive without any problems.
Perhaps Alcohols are blacklisted…

alcy virtual drives are now universily blacklisted
daemons are prolly not

Sweet. Where do I get Daemons. Is it freeware or what?

Nevermind. I found it. Thanks everyone for the help.

well! does it work?

No. Sadly, it does not. I just can’t get this thing to go! I tried enabling Daemon’s SafeDisc options too. Nothing seems to work!

Well it looks like the image produced isn’t good enough. You will need a very good reader for this, what was used?

And what software and settings were used to create the image?