SC-HT928 home theater sound system?

I was wondering if you guys have information on making stand alone dvd players region free since this site seems to be only for PC dvd players.

I own the SC-HT928 home theater sound system with the SA-HT928 main unit. Searched through, you name it, but can not find any info on how to unlock it. A friend told me to look for the engineer’s manual, would this help?

All tips are very welcome. Thanks!

NO Panasonic DVD players can be hacked without a chip mod. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

A chip mod! This means removing a chip and putting in another chip? :frowning:

Its strange cause I searched through google and found numerous sites selling the sc ht928 region free, so it should be possible?!

nmpaulcp, do you have any other info on chip modding? Thanks again.