SBLive 5.1 Digital (SB0220) Drivers wont install

Man, I must be posting this everyone, but I can’t find and the answer to my problem and it’s driving me nuts.

Okay, I bought my SBLive sound card last month, installed the drivers and everything was working good. Last month I decided to wipe my drive (Viruses and stuff) I couldn’t find my original install CD, so I downloaded a copy of my install CD. The setup wizard can’t detect my Card. Windows does, setup doesn’t. Hows that work?

No drivers are working. Not even the kX audio drivers. It cant find it either. My card is retail. I’ve moved it into all three of my PCI slots. Doesnt work in either one of them. Nothihg is working!! :a :frowning:

Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I’ve looked all over and I’m not having any luck.

Thanks :slight_smile:

ps. Sometime during the end of September, my BIOS hung up on me and I had to reset it. Could this have an effect?

Reset your Plug-and-Play configuration in the BIOS, and see if that helps.

Note: Creative could sometimes be picky about the drivers. I’d hunt harder for that original install CD.

Run windows in safe mode, uninstall all creative products, drivers/ etc.

Then restart -> normal mode.

Windows should pickup the Live! by default and load windows drivers for it. You can then update the drivers with the install cd. Please ensure that you do have the right drivers, (25MB or so) as the smaller versions available on the Soundblaster website are only updates & will not install unless you already have Live! Drivers already installed.