SB settings & quality

Hi :slight_smile:
My first Lite-On I felt was a mistake. SHW-16H5S. With hindsight it appears to have been a throw away between other models.
I did try patched f/wm but didn’t bother with SB settings.
As I had several BenQ’s “overperforming” :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t have the motivation I guess.
With true BenQ’s going & the supposed rise in popularity of the latest Lite-On’s. I went & got a LH-20A1P.
As a reader/scanner both these Lite-On’s have done well. As writer the 5S a lot to be desired. The 20A1P has mixed results some very good, most average (which for the speed I’m trying is actually very good). But there’s enough bad ones to put a question mark over quality.
Is there an “Ideal” setting when using SB 3.16?
I want to give both these drives a fair crack, before coming to any long term policy regarding future drives.

Just turn On all options in SmartBurn & relax :slight_smile: I think it is best choose .

It’s funny because I saw a very similar thread posted about the same question.

No I don’t think it is wise to leave all options on in smartburn otherwise they would have been left on by default.

Hypertuning bypasses the stored strategy and will analyse the media and adjust itself - This option is useful for media not yet recognised by the firmware or media that does not burn well with the stored strategies. For media that burns well you should leave this option off - Example for taiyo yudens, the built in strategies burn discs very well, so it’s useless to turn that on and in some cases you might get worse results. As to overspeed, this is optional, this will allow you to burn your media at one step higher than its rating - If you are using as an example YUDEN000T03, by default, it will support 18x/20x burning so you don’t need that option. As to Online Hypertuning, this adjusts writing strategy on the fly while burning your disc. Personally I have smartburn disabled + online hypertuning checked, and I get the best results on my 16x Taiyo Yudens. There is no rule, just trial and error and find what works for you the best.