SB media table

As I regulary use a lot of different media I wondered what the behaviour was when the table gets full and a new mediatype is burnt.

Is it simply a FIFO table? ie the first media in the table gets pushed out or is it something a bit more intelligent like dropping the least used media?

Yes fifo

Thats what I feared :frowning: , guess I’m going to have to be careful what I burn with SB on.

Its a pity the table is only 6 in size and there no tools to manipulate the SB records (ie back them up and restore them or something just to delete an individual record), unless someone knows of something like this already? :wink:

Hi :slight_smile:
Just for those who like piccies.

What exactly are you trying to say with these images?

Are you trying to say that SolidBurn is using a round-robin way of using the 6 entries, so that when all 6 entries have been used and media #7 is burned, it will go into the #1 position, and the 8th media burned will go into the #2 position, and so on?

Hi :slight_smile:
As Prototype thought & max_clif seems to have found out for himself. It does appear to be a ‘round-robin’ or first in/first out scenario.

Naw, I read the manual. I dont even have enough media to get 5 slots :wink: