SB Live value and ME

I just recetly bought a Sound Blaster Live Value sound card. It seemed to run fine for the first couple of days, but then this weird thing started happening.

Sometimes when I reboot the system, ME starts redetecting the card as a Early VGA device. All I have to do is reboot the system a couple of times and it goes back to normal with sound and all.

I switched the card to a different PCI slot, reinstalled the drivers. The problem keeps coming back. This is getting to be a pain.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Did you install the latest drivers?
DId you install LiveWare 3.0 (for Windows ME)?

These could do the trick…

I do have the latest drivers. I’m biginning to think it might me the motherboard.

Try moving your Sound Card to another PCI slot on the MB !

Make sure your SoundCard is NOT placed in the PCI slot which shares IRQ/Resources with the AGP slot !