SB-203B vs. Benq DW1655/50/40/20 in term of noise

Some of you I think have both BenQ DW16xx and Samsung 203B. How loud is Samsung SB-203B compared to BenQ DW16xx? I have LG H42N. It burns good but it is too loud. It also takes a long time to read the discs. It drives me crazy.


I don’t think the H42N is loud, I think they are all pretty quiet

The Samsung SB-203B is one of the quietest drives that I have used, in my opinion even quieter than the 1640/50. There’s no rumble or vibration, even at 18X; it mostly sounds like a fan that’s running at full speed and blowing lots of air.

This is in contrast to some of the more recent LiteOn burners that vibrate/rumble very badly - even as low as 12X.

Using C0deKing’s excellent high speed 12X write patch with the SB-203B, you can burn a disc with excellent quality at a very conservative 12X in about 6:02. Then with C0deKing’s high speed read patch, you can read it back at 18X in about 5:45, for a total write/verify time of 11:47. Most other burners need to burn at 16X to do an 11:47 write/verify time, and some take even longer…

I had 3 LG H42N and they are all VERY loud. My car makes less noise. That’s why I am very skeptical. People were saying it was quiet so that’s why I bought it. To be sure I am was not dreaming, I rma’ed it twice but the same result.

I don’t need to burn faster than 16x. I get better burns with LG than BenQ. If I can can get burn results like LG and quiet like BenQ, I will be interested. But, if it is as loud as LG, no thanks.

Noise is a relative thing, some people will be more sensitive to some kind of noise and other people to another kind of noise.

See: I consider my Benq 1650 units as very noisy! :bigsmile: The high-pitched noise gets on my nerves sometimes.

Also, the way the drive is attached to the PC case, and the material of the case, will change the way the drive resonates. So the same drive can be perceived as more noisy in a given case, and quieter in another case.

All this is is rather chaotic.

Now to reply to your question, I have a Benq 1650 and a Samsung 203B in the same case, and with [I]my [/I]perception I consider the Samsung as the quieter drive. :slight_smile: But maybe you won’t…

I do too, have both 1650 and 203B and in my ears the 203B is definitely quieter and have a more low pitched sound character. Thats not to say its actually quiet. But its better than what else is out there.


We must use very different discs, or very different testing methods. Nothing beats my Benq 1650 units in terms of burning quality with single layer DVDR media (DL and RW are another story). Only the Pioneer 112D comes close.

Of course, with “burning quality” I’m not referring to PIE/PIF levels and counts in some Lite-On scan @4X. I’m referring to actual playing compatibility with picky readers, perfect reading curves in picky drives, and good-looking (not necessarily great) scans in ANY scanning drive, including the most looney, at all scanning speeds.

I’ve checked lots of the reports in the LG forum before getting my H22N, and the H42N scans showed that it produces way too much jitter to be considered as a good burner in my book. Just an OK burner, nothing special.


You might try using screws to fasten the H42N in your case if you don’t already.

My Lite-on was so freakin loud (still is) but screwing it down instead of just using the
fastening mechanism helped the vibration noise.

Even still my H42N is not loud at all and I have two.

I know noise is relative. Computer might be loud, environment could be loud. And, you may have a bad hearing :wink:

That’s why I asked compared to DW1655. I know it is not silent. But, it is low enough. LG and Benq are attached to the same computer and stay at the top of each other. I even swapped them.

Do any of you have LG quieter than BenQ?

If you are saying Samsung is quieter than BenQ, that’s good enough for me.

P.S. I had Pioneer 111D and it was worse than BenQ in terms both reading and writing. It was quieter than BenQ, but quality was not good enough to warrant to keep it. I returned it. It looks like Samsung is a good reader too.

My experience: SH203B is louder than LG H42N.

Certainly. :iagree: which makes it a questionable scanner BTW, as it reports as excellent, discs that my other testing drives declare as being out-of-specs (and my standalone players agree by exhibiting jerky playback :bigsmile: ). And for CDs it’s even probably one of the very best. :cool: ( see this )

Looks like the noise thing is impossible to determine from the different postings… Different setups, different ears… too many elements in the equation… :doh:

I hooked up my LG H22N and it seems to my ears a little louder @ full reading speed than my Sammy 203B, which has none of this high-frequency noise that I dislike. It goes more “Vroom” than “Eeeeee” if this makes any sense LOL

My quietest drive here is the NEC 3540A. But don’t draw conclusions from this about NEC drives in general, even less so since the 3540’s behaviour is very different than most other NEC drives. :rolleyes:

The Samsung seems to be fairly picky to me. I had a scratched disk I was trying to decrypt and the 203B failed consistently, despite several different tactics I tried. First time I loaded it into my Pioneer 111L, it went through with no problems.

And I have yet to find a burner that is as quiet as my old BenQ 1620. Don’t have an explanation for that.

There will always be occurences of a particular defect that drive X will choke on, and that drive Y will handle without any problem. :wink:
That’s why I like having several drives at hand.

This doesn’t mean that on a statistical basis, the 111L is a better reader than the 203B.

Are you making a generalization from 1 given occurence with 1 disc? :confused:

And I have yet to find a burner that is as quiet as my old BenQ 1620.
It’s possible. It’s so old for me that I don’t remember (my 1620 unit lasted only 3 months and it was Q4 2004… :doh: ).

No, just relating my experience with the drive. I haven’t done much with it since buying it, other than burning half a dozen dvds or so. It simply surprised me that I couldn’t get it to read that particular disk.

Ah, ok :slight_smile:

damned. i was just going to order it after other people said it was quieter. it sounds like i will be gambling right now.

it has a smaller size and i am guessing faster spin. so, technically it should be louder.

benq 1650 has a tray that opens slower but more quiet than the tray of SH-S203N

i played with nero drivespeed and came out with this conclusion

samsung SH-S203N < benq 1650

benq is louder (i was copying some files to the hdd - big , 350mb files)
benq is quiet until it goes over 8x (it has only 4-6-8-16x shown in drivespeed)

samsung is very quiet until it goes over 8x, but at 12x is not that loud and that is acceptable for me (2-4-6-8-12-16)

How is the SB-203B vs. Benq DW1655/50/40/20 in terms of disc scanning quality/reliability?

“Reliable” standing for “scans consistently” and “doesn’t report looney figures” and “reports according to ECMA standards” = YES.
At least my unit does. :slight_smile:

“Reliable” as in “burns showing in-specs figures when scanned in this drive will be compatible with a wide array of drives” = in my opinion NO.
It’s a far too optimistic scanner in my book, i.e. showing very good PIE/PIF figures even with burns that some of my other testing drives report as marginal.

So to compare your burns with same media, to find the best burning speed, etc… it’s a pretty good scanner. :iagree: (once again, [I]my unit[/I] is at least).

On the other hand, to give clues about the potential compatibility of discs, I don’t trust it. But then again, I trust no isolated scanner. :bigsmile: (I don’t own a Plextor though).

Of all the scanning drives I use, the only one I almost entirely trust for predicting real-world reading compatibility is my Lite-on 16P1S DVD-ROM @8X.

Next time, open your own thread BTW :wink: Your question is off-topic here. I shouldn’t even have replied…