Say What?!



52:37 - I must have been a real bad boy to deserve this :sad:

Investigating the limits of slow burning for :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=Cressida;2002935]Investigating the limits of slow burning for :p[/quote]That may be some kind of record. Don’t know if there’ll be a prize for it, but there should be. :wink:

Do you estimate about .25x starting at the 2.7 point?


what did you do to your poor drive!!! Did you beat your computer 3/5ths of the way? i know if i kick mine by mistake it spikes errors. Seems the buffer died and then you lost the speed. wonder what causes that… full ram, hd/paging file. :confused:


And the nominee in the category: “boldly going where no man has gone before” is …

[QUOTE=Cressida;2002935]Investigating the limits of slow burning for :p[/QUOTE]

Holly beep! [B]0.47x[/B] … now that is quite something! :eek:

Who says that high speed burners can’t write well high speed media at very low speeds :stuck_out_tongue: … yet another myth has fallen :bigsmile:


I can teach everyone how to shake the right just the right way : listen to techno music with the sub right near the drive. *warning might kill your hDD’s too XD