Say here Goodbye everyday before you log out

Well this thread is the opposite of the “Say here Hi everyday after you logged in” thread (duuuhh :wink: ).

Before you log out say Goodbye/Goodnight to your fellow CDFreaks.

Mine post will be over 6 hours. :iagree:

See good morning thread :slight_smile:

Why do you post if you don’t want to? :confused:

Well I’m gone, have a nice weekend everybody. :iagree:

Hm… I think I almost never log out consciously.

I will leave soon so bye…

la8er ya’ll.
Snooze time.

I’m gone, have a nice evening all. :iagree:

I’m logging out here at my work. See ya later somewhere this evening when (or if :p) I get home

I’m gone, have a nice evening all. :iagree:


I’m gone, have a nice evening. :iagree:

I’m gone, have a nice evening. :iagree:

night all, of to bed with visions in my head of S_S`s new thong girating round the pole :bigsmile:

I doubt you can sleep well with that in mind :wink:

I’m gone, have a good evening all.

Be good. :wink:

I’m gone.

Good evening/night.

I’m gone, be good.

Im outta here

cya…i’m off to brush my teeth and watch tv, before i go to sleep

I’m off.

Have a nice evening everybody (except you Mr. B.).