I can’t get rid off the copyright in saw 3 any ideas?


If you use CloneDVD2, I am assuming that you do since this is the thread you have posted in, use the first feature, “Movie Only” and with AnyDVD in default mode just back it up, it will start the movie without anything else.:doh:


Naththom –

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Perchance do you mean “Copy Protection Scheme” instead of “CopyRight”?

If you are in fact referring to the Copy Protection Scheme contained on the Commercial DVD Movie Title Saw3 and ALL other Commercial DVD Movie Titles you need to use a software program similar to AnyDVD in conjunction with CloneCD to remove the Copy Protection Scheme.

Failure to use AnyDVD in conjunction with CloneCD could be the reason you were having difficulties with making a backup copy of Gridiron Gang Commercial DVD Movie Title.

Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and downloading the most recent current version of AnyDVD.

It should be noted that the more preferred software program for making back up copy of Commercial DVD Movie Titles is CloneDVD/AnyDVD. CloneCD/AnyDVD is only required if you are desiring to make an exact complete entire copy of a Commercial DVD Movie Title on DVD DL Media.