Saw3 and various decrypters



Forgive me if I am replying in the wrong section,just wanted to add my input.
I just didmybackup of saw3
I used Ripit4me the most recent version and FixVTS the most recent version.OPened my files in shrnk and burned with Nero perfect copy done.
I have DVDFabPlatinum the newest version Beta downloaded the updated version and it does not work with this movie as of yet.But Ripit4me with Fixvts and then shrink worked perfectly.RipIt4Me Version
FixVTS version: – This will work folks. I am in Region 1 Usa/Canada


Hmmm, they must’ve got RipIt4Me working with Saw 3, but then again if you have to use Fixvts then it’s not working 100% yet in my opinion.

I’ve looked at RipIt4Me, but if you check their support forum you’ll find that it seems to have a real penchant for crashing. Every time I check their support forum that’s what I find, so I don’t regard them as a stable, mature piece of software yet and I don’t have time to horse around with unstable stuff so I usually just wait a day (usually less!) for SlySoft to make adjustments to their software for problematic titles.

Just a quick look a few minutes ago of the RipIt4Me support site shows crashes with:

Dr. Who Season 2
Outer Limits Robots Side 2
Hulk Hogan The Ultimate Anthology
The Illusionist
Chasing Amy
[B][I]Saw 3[/I][/B]
Talledega Nights
Pirates of the Carribean 2
You, Me and Dupree

and crashes while transferring to Shrink, DVD Wizard, and DVD 1 Click.

And that was just the first page that displayed!

This is a problematic title, but it hasn’t been released yet where James is at so he hasn’t been able to give it his full attention yet. I’m sure as soon as he lays his hands on a copy he’ll make quick work of this new annoyance . . . just sit tight guys . . .



RipIt4Me has almost a [B]couple of million downloads[/B] from its site alone (forget mirrors). I expect the ratio of crashes to blissfully doing its job is infinitesmally low. On that basis, you might consider revising your thoughts.

Indeed, the Saw 3 issue was an issue with FixVTS, which has now been remedied by that program’s author.

And AnyDVD also requires FixVTS, AFAIK. It is just rebadged and called AnyDVD Ripper (which is FixVTS version 1.30, which itself is many versions out of date). Let’s get the facts straight.



The facts are that everyone has an opinion, lets respect them. If you have something positive to post, post it. If not lets all get along here. This thread will not get out of control.:cop:


The fact is that RipIt4Me is not idiot-proof…
Other programs may be…

But this has nothing to do with its capabilities…


Of the titles you listed above I have backed up the following using The Ripit4Me package which consists of RI4M (a front end for DVD Decrypter) DVDDecrypter, and FixVTS and DVD Shrink. This is used as a package and has been since it was released.

The Illusionist
Talledega Nights
Pirates of the Carribean 2
You, Me and Dupree

The others you listed I have not tried and I hope to be getting [B][I]Saw 3[/I][/B] on Tuesday if I get a chance. And I have seen it posted that RI4M has handled Saw 3 using the new improved version of FixVTS that was recently released


I totally agree with ya. It’s nice to have input from a respected member of digital digest.

:cool: :cool:


Thank you for the kind words platinumsword.

Fact is, RipIt4Me can do every disk on svensontini’s list AFAIK except Dr Who, which is so badly mastered, layer 0 is Dr Who and layer 1 is part of Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Beginning (how bizarre is that?). Of course, no ripper will do such a badly mastered disk. Anyone who is interested in this weird pressing can read here.

And thanks to BeckyW for reporting success with RipIt4Me on the difficult Saw 3. As it turns out, there was a small bug in FixVTS (and RipIt4Me has not been updated to handle it at all). Full disk backer-uppers can back up this disk successfully with RipIt4Me 1.6.4 and FixVTS



agree too…ripit4me …did the job…and great movie-only and full
today i invited some friends,who couldn’t believe…i backup saw3 "uncut"
also getting great sound on my yamaha receiver,
and i found this information late…from a guy that made it like 4 days ago…


Same here. Ripit has never failed me.!!


[QUOTE=Svensontini]Hmmm, they must’ve got RipIt4Me working with Saw 3, but then again [B]if you have to use Fixvts then it’s not working 100% yet in my opinion.[/B]
Hmmm… what does that mean. I dont agree with you conclusion at all. Since it makes no sense to me, as use of fixvts is part of the solution…
So please explain in detail what you mean. Thanks.


There are many programs that use a combination of other programs to function. One of them is RipIt4Me. It combines three programs into one package. Two of them are no longer updated but function well with a little help. The author put a lot of time and hard work into this so anyone can enjoy. If there is a problem, the author puts more hard work into this project to update it. And this is done for free! How can that be wrong?


All I hope is frustrated folks who can’t back this up with other tools find this thread (as I understand the board’s policy is to mention programs in their subforms only and not suggest alternative solutions).





By the way, apart from its corruption, the authoring of this DVD is horrible in that there are 2 VTSs in particular that contain large amounts of rubbish. This will act to make compression ratios bigger on the real movie in VTS 8.

Users who have got a complete clean rip can use the new PgcEdit function to delete unused/uncalled VTSs. This will raise backup quality significantly. Guide to using the new function on the PgcEdit site.

However, RipIt4Me users will have already had thse VTSs blanked and there is no need to do this, other than to totally clean up the DVD’s structure.



Wow, how much do you get paid to campaign for one program or against another? Are you offended by the fact that RipIt4Me ripped the disc or what? :confused:


When I try the programs you mention (Ripit4me and FixVTS), DVD Decrypter keeps inserting dummy sectors and it takes a really long time for it to rip. How exactly did you do it. (I’ve never used this program before so sorry for not knowing)


Sometimes, drives slow down after inserting dummy sectors. If so, tick cycle drive after inserting dummy sectors in DVD Decrypter’s settings.

But the method is to insert dummy sectors where the studio has intentionally put bad ones on the DVD.



I see. It finally went through the whole dvd. Took a minute, but finished ok. It does work though. It is getting ready to shrink now. Thanks people.


Ripit4Me has ripped everything for me without a problem. I always use the “One Click” mode and “movie only”. Save as an .iso with DVD Shrink and burn with ImgBurn.