The backup I made with Clone DVD and AnyDVD will play on my Computer but not my PS2. All other backups I have made will play on the PS2.
Any thoughts?
Using the Latest versions of both products.


Are you using the same burner, application, burn speed, and media? What type of media? Is the book type set to DVD-ROM if you are using DVD+R?


If you have done everything the same using the same method, media etc then i would put it down to a clitch in either the burning or reading of the disc.
My first action would be to either try it in another ps2 if you have access to one or burn another copy and try it just to make sure…


I change the copy to include both AC-3 and DTS audio and that fixed it not sure why or how but first I just used DTS and got no sound then with both it worked.


as you seem not to have a DTS Decoder, leave away the DTS audio track in future,
this will improve the quality of your copies heavily


I burned my copy of Saw and it won’t play from the Title Menu Play button. I have to go into the Scene Selections and click on Scene 1 and then it plays all the way through. :slight_smile:

You might want to try this. Good luck with it!


Correct ! Playstation 2’s cannot handle the DTS digital processing themselves. The paystation 2 needs to use the ‘digital out’ to connect to a DTS capable amp .