Saw v read error

Has anyone else had a read error while backing up Saw V? I even tried main movie only and same issue.

Make sure the disc is clean no fingerprints, also not sure what setting you areusing for pathplayer but try it as always enabled, if it already set to that setting then try it disabled…not as enabled when necessary

FAB will do this movie with no problem with Path Player enabled, what is the error code that you are getting ? As my good friend Mr. Tim said make sure the disc is clean

disc is clean. Comes up a window that says error while reading. Please choose what to do. and has four tabs saying retry, abort, ignore and ignore all

Well you may want to check the transfer mode of the drive/burner make sure it is in DMA mode not PIO mode, or just DVDFab’s common settings->General and click on the reset DMA button.

Course checking the transfer will tell you if that is the problem or not :wink: if you have this issue often I would check the IDE cable and make sure it is a 80 wire IDE cable which will help the transfer rate by eliminate any bottlenecking going with the IDE controller.

Also make sure you stop any and all programs that you may have running in the background :wink:

all checked ok. I think i may have a bad original. I see a scratch on the printed side that I thought was supposed to be a part of the disk art but it goes all the way through the print. Thanks for the help.