Saw V and 21 file to large for dvd+r

Im having issues with 2 new movies, SAW V and 21. I have been able to copy movies for a long time with anydvd and dvd shrink. I have the latest version of anydvd and have no problem copying either. My question is…the file size is to large on both copies to fit on a dvd+r disc. I tried full backup and movie only mode and both are approximately 5 gb after the shrinking process. Is there something im missing or dont have configured correctly? Or are these movies only going to fit on a DL dvd. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome black_reighn913,

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Well for starters you [B]DO NOT[/B] have the latest version of AnyDVD the latest version is [B][/B]. Update to the latest and then try again

Download V6.5.2.2. Here: