SAW - Playback, ect



I just purchased “Saw,” and I inserted the dvd only to find that it doesn’t play correctly, at least with AnyDVD loaded in the background. I have Anydvd set to jump directly to the title menu, once I select play movie nothing happens. It just sits there, I tested using Media player classic and media player 9. Once I close Anydvd it plays fine. I assume if I made a copy, the same thing would have happened.

I want to experiment making a backup so used DVD Decrypter which went fine. I tested playing the movie from the temp folder and that is fine too. Making backup right now of main title using CloneDVD I’ll let you guys know what happens. Looks like an update for Anydvd is needed. There must be some type of mastering error they came up with to trick Anydvd. Or something is off with my system and I am the only one having this problem.


Disable this. It doesn’t work with all titles (right mouse button for help).


you’re right… just tested… works great… thanks for quick reply


Thats odd, I received my copy of SAW today also, and had no problem at all using AnyDVD in the “Skip To Menu” mode, it worked just fine for me! I am watching the disc I burned now on a second computer, and have just tested it in my home players also with no problem (the backup copy) on my computer I am using a TDK DVDRW0404N & a SONY DVD RW DRU-500A! Could it be a random problem with new releases? Or perhaps a defective disc? I just wrote in about a problem I am having with Jimi Hendrix The Last 24 Hours (in the thread that is titled “New Macrovision coming Tuesday”) which seems simular to your problem. Maybe we should trade discs? (lol)