Cannot Get Saw Iii To Scan , The Cd. Tried Everything, I Even Tried The Movie Only And It Still Wont Read. Any Advice Out There

That is a problem that is being addressed. It appears that there are 2 versions with the only difference being the copy protection. Some have had no trouble with this DVD while others have like you a problem. Please post more information such as original region, brand of your drive, and version of Fab that you are using.


I am using dvd shrink3.2 and dvd region + css free. And it won’t read.

Dvd region + css free has not been updated for several months. You may wand to download DVDFab Decrypter which is free and will work with Shrink. Use the link in [B]ReadFirst[/B] DVDFab 3.0.5,6 beta thread Fengtao has had to shift a few things around to keep his payer. He had to post a Non CSS version and move DVDFab Platinum and Gold off the DVDIdle site, so this may be reason Dvd region + css free has not been updated, but he has promised an update.


Hi I am having the same prob. It’s asking me to enter the disc info. If u solve this prob email me and let me know how.

Same problem, using the current beta version of decrypter. I’m thinking this dvd just came out today and this may be a problem.

Had a similar problem with the movie employee of the month freezing at the end. Don’t know if it’s related.

Someone have a fix let us know… :sad:

I know fengtao asked in another thread for an online store where he could buy a copy of this title in region 1.


i am trying to use dvdfab and am getting a request for email info. any idea what this might be all about

I have downloaded the BetaVersion for Saw3 …but no luck yet…anyone else have any updates pls.

Beta version does not back up Saw III for me either. I did send IFO files. Oh, it also deleted my windows profile upon installation…


I have Saw3 Unrated version,Region 1,DVDFab Plat. 3060 beta, using both NEC 3550, and LiteON LH-18A1P and getting email info request. Hope that helps.

BTW, I always do full disc backups so am excited about when fengtao says “We are re-design the core part of copy protection removal engine, which will support the latest copy protection better.” This prog. really is the best IMO.

The Auther Fengtao is working on a fix for Saw III and similar new copyright protection. You will have to be patient and wait until the next beta which Fengtao said will be out soon. :iagree:

Hello to all three first time posters above and welcome to the forum. The issue is known and is being worked on. Please have some patience. This will be resolved. The movie was just released here today. ( USA) region 1.:cool:

Hello Mr Alan,

I am first time poster, long time viewer. This is where I learned DVDFab existed while ago. Have patience just trying to help. Hope thats ok? Nice place here, thanks for welcome.

Yeah, I just read in the Beta version it was fixed, so I posted here too. Sorry for the obvious posts.

‘The Night Listener’ does not back up either.

Hey all, I did it! No stand alone program will do it yet, so it took me about 3 hours to play around and figure this one out. So to cook up this back-up you’ll need these ingredients: AnyDVD (trial or registered), DVD Decryper and DVDFab. I uninstalled my registered version of DVDFab Platinum and installed Slysoft AnyDVD trial version. I allowed it to run in the background first and then I started up DVD Decrypter and copied the entire disc to my hard drive. Then I uninstalled AnyDVD (since DVDFab conflicts with AnyDVD) and reinstalled DVDFab and opened the folder as a source folder, and clicked Start and then BAM! A successful process and the DVD plays perfectly in my dvd player. It’s a long process, but since Hollywood made it so that every individual program, that I could think of, would fudge up…I just had some time to kill and was up for the challenge of finding a temporary solution until they figure this one out. Hope it helps.

Do you know when this will be resolved? I have DVDFab Platinum & DVDFab Decrypter.

I can not get it to read Saw III either. Downloaded new beta version of DVDFab Gold, but still won’t read.

To All Concerned, I Too Was Having Problems Making A Full Working Back Up Of Saw 3 Using Any Dvd And Clone Dvd And Was Unable To, Using These Two Programs (which Are My Favorite) And Had To Resort To Using Rip It For Me Which Seems To Have Worked Great. All Menus And Extras Seem To Be In Order.

If you use Nero plus anydvd it’ll work also just less work, just let anydvd run in the background and use nero to burn movie.