Saw III US unrated



I can’t burn Saw III with the registered version of dvdfadplatinum or dvdfadplatinum 3…0.6.0 beta it says that it can’t find the info and then a feedback box pop for me to send info on it and when I try to send it my msn blocks it, but the beta version suppose to allow you to do something with this movie but it won’t. Any suggestions


There has been some discussion in the 3…0.6.0 beta and other threads. Appears some have no trouble while others have problems. There was a bad batch of originals, but company thinks they all were shipped to Netflix but admitted some could have shipped to stores. You may want to send fengtao the files he always requests that are not protected. There are instructions posted in the [B]Read First[/B] 3…0.6.0 beta thread. I don’t have that movie so I will not be able to give much feedback.



Wasn’t that the Dr. Who DVD’s? I’m confused.


Hi Kenn and welcome to the forum. Your question has been diuscussed in the thread that Mack mentioned. I myself have posted in that thread regarding your very question. The same thing your experienceing happened to me too. I also tried to send the mentioned files to Fengtao but I couldn’t either. My hotmail didn’t jive with whatever they use. We can only hope that alot of other people are able to send the files which will enable Fengtao to see what were going through. It either has to be a copy protection issue, or they are using something new to nip the rip in the bud to stop it before it even starts. I’ve been tring to follow all the threads concerning this issue and they all have pretty much the same basic thread so to speak. The program doesn’t even get to start because it can’t even get through the initial scan process. I believe I have come across 2 or 3 people how have successfully backed up Saw 3. But the process that they go through to achieve this wonder sounds so complicated, well, I’m not that smart to even give it a try. So, I’ll put my faith in the more than competent hands of Fengtao and watch him work his magic and beat this problem like he continually does. He truly is amazing. I wish I could be of more help to you Kenn. But if it helps any, you are far from alone which makes THIS forum so outstanding and productive for the average user. You can always learn something new here. Lets keep are fingers crossed. Mike


@ anyone
If you cannot email the files to fengtao directly, I am willing to be a middleman. PM me and I will send you my email address.



I was able to send the IFO files to :bow: Fengtao :bow: .I hope he can work his Magic.


I hope he can work his Magic
I know he can work his magic, there are no doubts. All he needs are the .ifo’s, if I had the movie he would have them by now.


Just wanted to mention that i personally already send all the files to him 2 days or so ago. Hopefully he can work his magic.