Saw III strangeness using DVDFab

Hello all.

I backed up Saw III using:

  1. DVDFab to rip the files to the HD
  2. DVD Shrink to shrink and then create an ISO from the files
  3. DVD Decrypter to burn the DVD+R from the ISO

I’ve been using this exact process for quite a while and it’s been somewhat flawless. My burner is an external Plextor PX-708UF. My DVD player is a Toshiba SD-4800. The media is Verbatim 16x single layer.

When I try to play my backup version of Saw III in my DVD player the DVD loads but never plays (I tried chosing buttons at this point but none of them have any effect).

I tried playing the original DVD and the same thing happens, only I can chose the menu button once the DVD loads and then the DVD plays. The weird thing is, if I eject the original and reinsert the backup, I can now use the menu button to play the DVD once it’s loaded. If I turn the DVD player off/on and try it again, the backup DVD will no longer play again.

I’ve never had a DVD that would not play when I inserted it so I’m thinking Saw III may be different than all other DVDs I’ve had to date. I mean, even the original won’t play until I hit the menu button once it’s loaded. I tried using my new maxell DVD lens cleaner but the problem still exists.

In summary, it seems the orginal needs to be loaded first in order for me to play the backup. I’ll try both DVDs in a different (newer) player later today to see if that’s the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Interesting post. Does the backup play in your PC? SAW III is certainly has a strange disc structure, loaded with junk files. :iagree:

Yes, both the original and the backup play normally in my PC. I successfully played both of them using the external Plextor drive used to create the backup. I then successfully played both of them using the DVD-ROM that came with this Dell notebook. When I insert either DVD into either of my DVD drives then startup up Media Player 10, they both immediately start playing.

I’m really hoping my Toshiba DVD player isn’t the source of the problem because I really like it. :frowning:

I tried Saw III (both the original and the backup) in a newer toshiba DVD player than mine and both versions played without the problem I described earlier. I guess my DVD player needs to be swapped out for something new.

Oh well, I guess I have to try to figure out what player is best to buy now…

Take the SAW III backup disc with you to test drive the new ones. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t get DVDFab to reconize the dvd when it tried to read it it couldn’t and a report log came up asking for the title and other info.

Saw III really ticked me off!!! I could not play the original in my Toshiba deck. Worked in the PC, worked in a PS2, worked in my cheap Samsung VHS/DVD combo. Admittedly, the Toshiba is the oldest DVD player in the house but it is the only one I have that sports progressive scan and component output to connect to my HD Plasma TV.

Here we go folks! First they made PC gaming impossible with copy protection, then they DRM’d music downloads so you pay but can’t play, then they opened your system up with rootkits on music CDs, now we get DVDs you can’t watch!

First have you tried

The reason I have auto run disabled to prevent installation of rootkill etc. Several state attorney generals sued Sony and won the case for the rootkill as they determined that it was malware installed without the user’s permission which is against the law. I don’t trust MS as they will be working closer with movie and music companies with the release of Vista.


Boy I sure agree with you on this one Mack it’s getting rough out there, Plus I think I’ll wait until they quit supporting XP like they did with 3.1 95 and 98 soon if they haven’t quit already before I go to Vista because like you don’t trust them :eek:

Didn’t need to. DVD Fab Decrypter V3.0.7.0, ripped it perfect, made a copy, played in the Toshiba just fine. Now I ask you, why should I have to make a copy to be able to play a DVD in ANY player with DVD logo on it?