Saw an add on for DvdShrink 2007



whyat the heck is that hoax ?


Quote from the DVDShrink-website:

The Official

We’ve been told some other sites/domains begin to sell/ask for donations for DVDShrink.

They even rename the latest official version (
to other names like DVDShrink 2007.

DVDShrink was born as a FREE tool for DVD enthusiasts.

To date, DVDShrink has NEVER asked for money, in any form, nor even donations of any kind!

If you have ever payed for DVDShrink, then bad news for you: you’ve been cheated!

DVDShrink was, is and (for now) will be 100% FREE!

Feel free to report on our (and others) public forums about DVDShrink cheaters/scammers!


Sure, the thing is: I saw this add on CDFreaks… (Google add).
Veeeeery disapointing. :frowning:


Wasn’t it on the ‘Ads By Google’ part near the top of the page?


I dunno if it was on top or in the bottom but it was in ‘Ads by Google’ I remember that.


I brought up this subject a few months ago regarding the “Ads By Google” because of a very similar situation regarding software being advertised that is basicly pure crap. The response more or less was that this forum looked into the matter but nothing was done about it…money revenue is king I guess. Just boycott any adds you see in that section. A shame CD Freaks won’t do something though.


How many new threads of this topic going to happen? Seriously.


I know somene who ordered the DVD Shrink 2007 all it is is a site that charges you for access then you can download the same version through thier website. it’s a rip off…they offer some other things on thier site too but I am not sure what.