Saw 3

hey guys…after upgrading to 3070 (i use dvd fab gold) first try it recognized and copied saw3 but when it started to write it i got a foghorn and a “cannot write error”. i use dvd-r so i switched brands…it copied and took a lot longer to write it than usual but completed. When i play it on win dvd or home player it gets to chapter 15 and hangs up,player not responding.any thoughts? i have a hp media center pcm 7160n.thanks sorry guys…got lost here please be patient with the ahemm new newbie :o think ive posted this message 3 times :o sorry anyone else had this problem?

Sorry your post got overlooked, guess everybody thought all the SAW III problems were solved. :o Did you get any error codes when the burn failed? And which burn engine do you have selected, Nero or VSO? First thing to try, select “SAO” in Common Settings–>Write, “Write type of DVD-R media” pulldown menu. Don’t know what speed you burned, but try one at half of whatever speed the disc is rated for (and maybe try a different brand of blanks). See how that runs and post back with the results. /OFF TOPIC/Your pontoon boat would be upside down if it was on the water around here tonight. Wind gusts 30-35 MPH.

I downloaded plat. last night and made a copy of saw just fine with DVD-R disks it plays great.