Saw 3 thread 2 days ago

hey guys…sorry have been busy at work since my last post about saw 3 after upgrading to ver. 3070.i went on macs advice and did some clean up on my computer and what i found is i had 3 seperate sets of temp folders that still had copies of movies in them,some from months ago.i got rid of all those folders except what fab currently uses and emptied all my trash/protected files.tried saw 3 again and it worked great.not sure how the extra folders got there and appears they were not deleting after completing a burn. anyways it works now and im a happy camper :bigsmile: i absolutely love this site and am very appreciative of all the info i get here.i am amazed at the knowledge of everyone here and the support that the geniuses at dvd fab give…never have i had a program that gave such great support…amazing.yep the pontoon boat is itching to go fishing but tooooo cold for me. thanks again :bow: :clap: