Saving transcoded avi with nero vision what am I doing wrong?

Hello all I have been burning some avi files with nero vision in nero 7. The first time making the dvd nommally takes around 2 hours and if I press burn project again it misses out the transcoding and only takes 15 mins wh¡ch is perfect, then I close the project and save it. The problem is when I re burn it from the saved file it transcodes the whole thing again and takes 2 hours again, does anyone know what I might be doing wrong or know if it is possible to save the transcoded file ? Thanks for reading:)

When you save the project, it just saves the settings you used, not the transcoded files. You need to burn the transcoded avi to the hard drive instead of dvd. Then you can go back and burn it to dvd as many times as you want.

Thanks so much for your help m8, i’m still a bit stuck tho. I have burnted the transcoded avi file to a folder with vision and tried a few different ways to burn the video_ts to dvd.
First I added all the files in the video_ts into vision and it did reduce the time down to 1 hour is this the correct thing to do or is it possible to use a different part of nero to make the dvd?
I also tried adding the vob. ifo. and bup. files to the burning rom and burning from there but when I put dvd in player all I got was an inactive menu, and I got the exact same thing using nero recode and express. sorry to be a pain but does anyone please have any more ideas please or know the correct part of nero i need to use next. Thanks once again :slight_smile:

In Nero Burning Rom, it should work. When you click on new, select dvd in the drop down box, then select dvd-video. Click on new, and it will open an audio_ts and video_ts folder on the left side and the browser on the right. Fine the folder with the video_ts folder that has your transcoded file, then drag the contents of that folder to the left pane into the video_ts folder which should already be open. Then click on the burn button, and you should go to the dvd burning screen. Then burn it.

Thank you I’m sooo greatful u really know your stuff.
It’s worked this time :smiley: Earlier I had burnted it as a dvd rom which did stil work I’v now found you just couldn’t acces the movie through the menu.
Cheers m8 I owe u one
Sincerely one very happy magicbud :smiley: