Saving to the hard drive

when i copy a video to the hard drive it ask where to put it i select the folder but then it asks if i want to over write the existing files ( i am saving as dvd files) and it will not allow me to create a title how do i do this as i want to be able to save to the hard drive then a later time burn to a disc, i read the tutorial but am confused thanks thomm

Welcome to the forum,
Create a folder to save your DVD files, name it Recorded Movies, or any thing else you have a mind to, then create sub folders within, naming them after the movie you are backing up.
Each title will have to have its own folder within the main folder, or it will keep trying to overwrite the previous one you made.

yahoo thanks thats great

Please post back and let us know if your problem is solved. Good work sockeye.:clap:

sorry for not getting back sooner but it solved my problem, one last question is the hard drive the best place to archive movies, if it is i will need several 300 gig drives to store them thanks thom

you can store as many as your HDD will allow
consider each movie to be about 4.35 gb on average
so a 300gb will store about 75 titles
you can delete older movies as you rip newer ones if space is a problem
but unless your pc is hooked up to your HT, you will eventually have to burn to disk