Saving the wav from a mkv file

When VDub saves the wav from a mkv file, the wav is 4x larger than from an avi. Is there any way to get a smaller wav from a mkv file?

Thanks in advance.

This problem is as follows. When creating DVDs (with DVD Flick), I replace the movie audio track with an ac3 (converted from wav). However, because the mkv’s wav was so large, I left the movie’s own audio track in place. This resulted in lopsided audio and the DVD creation process took twice as long. The music and sound effects are normal but voices come through the right channel only. I haven’t tried the disk in a DVD player yet.

You can demux the .mkv file with MKVExtractGUI. Here is a link to the files you’ll need and some instructions.

This will give you the audio in its original format, which is usually ac3. If it isn’t, you seem to know how to convert to ac3 now, but just in case, ffmpggui is one free tool that is available for ac3 conversion.

Yeah as Kerry stated, use MKVExtractGui to demux both video and audio… But explain from start your steps,and original audio… You can also use DAudioK, for ac3 conversions…

Thanks. I can see in the MKVextractGUI window that the audio is ac3. So I needn’t have bothered trying to convert a wav. Is there anything I can do with the extracted audio track to solve the voice bias? This is the first time I’ve processed a mkv file in DVD Flick and this is the first time I’ve had this audio problem. Will this right channel bias be evident when played on a standalone DVD player?

Ok peeledback, so you’re using DVDFlick to convert an MKV file to DVD,right? And you’re having audio problem with the output…I use DVDFlick occasionally just not for MKV to DVD conversions… I’ll have to try it…I’m not sure that’s the best proggy to use for the job…
Use this to get the mkv file info… then post back…

t0nee1 uses DVDFlick more than I do, so I’ll wait for him to come back in and report.

When I convert mkv to dvd I demux and set the audio aside. Then I use AviSynth to import the demuxed video into Procoder to make a dvd compliant .m2v file, then build a new dvd using the original audio and the .m2v file in DVDLab Pro. So my normal working path is very different and doesn’t give me much insight into using DVDFlick.

Have you tried playing the demuxed ac3 file in VLC media player to see if it has some problems?

Hey Kerry, yeah I do the same except with HCEnc > .mv2 file then >DVDAuthorGui to author new DVD … I just ran a sample mkv to DVD conversion with DVDFlick,and it’s way out of wack(skipping and audio sync issues), soo as stated I don’t think Flick is the best tool for the project IMO!..
Maybe he should try avi2DVD, as working with avs scripts may not be his cup of tea for now!..Will wait for his/her response…

Sorry, this is audio info I already had and should have posted before.

Audio #0
Codec : AC3
Codec/Info : Dolby AC3
Channels : 6 channels
Sampling rate : 48 KHz
Language : English

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2074176]Have you tried playing the demuxed ac3 file in VLC media player to see if it has some problems?[/QUOTE]

Just tried it: no problems. Maybe I should just point DVD Flick to this ac3 file.

[QUOTE=t0nee1;2074199]Maybe he should try avi2DVD, as working with avs scripts may not be his cup of tea for now![/QUOTE]

I used an avs script to save the mkv’s wav, but my knowledge doesn’t stretch much further than that. Always willing to learn. By the way, I prefer to stick to free software.

I’ll try avi2DVD.

If you don’t mind using AviSynth, then t0nee1 should be able to show you how to set up your demuxed video from the .mkv file and use it in HCencoder. HC is free to use, as is his authoring program, DVDAuthorGui.

Personally, I’d just get AvsP 2.0, which is a free script writing program for AviSynth, and drag and drop the demuxed video into it. This will give you an .avs file you can load into HC.

First the OP needs to let us know the video file info…And yeah AvsP or even FitCd for avs script writing…Then use FAVC with HC…So hope to hear from OP…I personally just use HCenc…

I’ve attached a media info text file.

media info.txt (2.27 KB)

With Avi2dvd, I take it I have to burn the DVD myself. What software do you suggest? That’s what I like about DVD Flick: after an hour, I have a standalone-playable DVD.

Did AVI2DVD work for you? if so use IMGBurn…
But you’re most likely going to run into probs using all in one proggys converting those type of video files…Take a look at the Bluray section here…
Or install and AVISynth

Extract mkv using MKVExtractGUI, then open .h264 file with this DGVACIndex to create a .dga file…Now open Notepad and create an.avs file,like so

Close Notepad and save as yourfile.avs
make sure you point LoadPlugin to where you installed DGAVCDecde.dll and to your source location…
,as that is where I have mine set…
I’m guessing you want 720x480 correct?
Open .avs file with FAVC and process to DVD…Or As I do just use HCEnc…to create an .m2v then I use DVDAuthorGUI and author both .m2v and original audio…so far it works great for me…But I like to keep the highest Resolution possible…Good luck!

Thanks t0nee1. I’ll give it a go. It’s just a question of finding a spare couple of hours (unless you think it might take less time).

Love this site for picking up new tools and know-how.

Could you clear up a couple of points.

I’ve opened .h264 file with DGVACIndex, but how do I create a .dga file?

You say open .avs file with FAVC, but what is FAVC?

Once you’ve opened the file with DGVAIndex, either hit File and Save the project or hit F4.

FAVC is a simple front end for several programs, including the HC encoder. It is normally used for converting avi to dvd. Here is the homepage for FAVC:
If you want more information on it, go to the forums.

The problem with using FAVC on this project is that it does not let you access all the settings in the HC encoder that you might want. It won’t hurt to try it I suppose, but if your video is 16:9, it may come out squashed down to 4:3. You might be better off using the HCGUI that comes with FAVC, then authoring the dvd separately and burn with ImgBurn.

Hi kerry, yeah that’s why I use HCencGUI,and not even bother with FAVC,I like access, encodng control settings and of course keeping the highest possible Res and 16:9 AR…
I figured FAVC might be easier for OP to use…thanks for sharing your 2 cents worth…
Cheers! :slight_smile: